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Some changes

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1 Some changes on Thu Jul 28, 2016 3:17 am



Hey everyone, there will be some major changes to the combat system. This includes character stats and tiers. They are being replaced by a class system which is currently being work on and will be set up asap. This system will come with a primary class and two sub classes for each RPC to choose from. It will drive role-players to actually build on their character's talents which could be kenjutsu, sealing, barriers. Most of the primary classes will consist of things such as tanks, speed classes, stuff of that nature.

Tailed beast can no longer be dice-roled for, the reason for this is it is a waste of role-playing opportunity. Tailed beast will be released every month, which means that's 9 months worth a role-play. Anything could happen within that time, also people will be roleplaying these tailed beasts. This means the tailed beasts you apply for will be attached to your characters, you'll have to rp them and your rpc. You have the choice of choosing your Jin. You could create a bond, or simply be captured, you have the options of lending that jin your power as well. And as a beast, once you're inside your jin, it's pretty much just talking after that. So it's literally not a strain of work.


The forum is kicking off with a few fun events. A Biography event, Promotion event, and Cursed blade event. Prepare yourselves for excitement! More information will be given out very soon, so stay alert, the time for role-playing is strongly near.

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