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[+] PLOT
It's been 100 years since Naruto Uzumaki's time, the peace he once built has long been lost in a sea of hatred. Countless countries are at political warfare with each other for revenge, territorial gain, resources and more. Some countries like the Land of Lightning and the Land of Earth have been abducting refuges of war that posses Kekkei Genkai and turning them in to weapons for bloodshed; these abductions have become so crucial that the Land of Lightning have sent untold numbers of their shinobi to the Land of Fire to capture Hyuga clan members for their Byakugan.  However, the Land of Fire remains dominant against the Land of Lightning and the rest of the world with the Land of Wind at their side as allies.

The Land of Water has profited from doing trade with enemy countries by purchasing captured Kekkei Genkai users who are sold by the L.O.E (Land of Earth) and L.O.L (Land of Lightning) and turning them into hunter-nin who are void of emotion. The Land of Water has been amassing a large army in quiet since they have been off of everyone's radar for years. The Land of Water plans to take over their rival nations to design an empire that will subject the world to their customs because they desire to be seen as the strongest nation in the shinobi world.

While the world is at conflict, an unknown criminal organization known as, Deva has begun to sprout from the darkness. Their ambition isn't clear, but one thing can be said, they mean humanity harm.

The world's technology has made impressive advancements throughout the years, life has never been as simple as it has now; work places have benefited from these developments to the point that great nations and countries have been able to expand their economies to new heights. High technology has begun to surface in many villages with the aid of innovative black smiths, engineers, and scientists working together on projects. Things like trains, internet access have been introduced to life, and there is only more to come.

Welcome Note
Hello and Welcome to Naruto Windstorm! I'm glad that you could make it this far because a lot of love and effort has been poured into this forum for months, so I thank you for taking the time out of your day to consider this site. The world of windstorm it's waiting to be enriched by someone like you, but before you can get started, I want to tell you about some things that can be expected from the role-play.

This forum was created to encourage free-form roleplay because I have witnessed too many sites reject the expression of creativity while statistics were placed on the forefront, ruling the combat scene with numbers alone, which of course left a void in the site's personality when it came to fighting. I come from a place where the value on skill and strategy are more important than anything else, and I want to bring that atmosphere to WindStorm!

To balance things out, statistics will have to be involved, however I'm not looking to drown anyone in numbers, so if you're new to the concept (IMVU users), try to keep an open mind will ya'? This welcome letter isn't just about discussing combat either, it's also about story elements; I'm here to give you a story to enjoy, and you're here to give myself and others one as well — With that being said, I welcome you to the role-play, below you can find a list of quick links to help you get started.

(Disclaimer: A lot of things such as RP systems and rules are subject to change on the forum as more members join.)
Main Links
[x]Global Rules
[x]Beginners Guide
[x]Biography Rules
[x]Biography Template
[x]Shinobi Rules & Guidelines
[x]Ninja Points 
[x]Ninja Updates (Applications and directory's are found here.)
[x]Shinobi Data Information
[x]Custom Submission Information

Major Ability Systems
[x]Mainstream Systems
[x]Weapon System
[x]Tier Guide

Mission Board Links
[x]Mission Information
[x]Member Submissions
[x]Template Resource

Ninja Market Links
[x]Market Submissions

[x]IMVU Article
[x]Treating The Site
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