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Like the anime and manga describe the sharingan, it is an ocular power some Uchihas have, in NWS they will posses the ability to visually slow down attacks to comprehend the process of speedy movement (of course you need the proper speed to respond to theirs, please use common sense.)  The clan can also copy nearly any taijutsu, and ninjutsu. The sharingan gives them the capacity to read, and defeat other genjutsu users with ease since their dojutsu gives them the ability to see through illusions. For an uchiha to copy another jutsu, whether it is elemental, or non-elemental type, they will not be able to copy a skill and automatically use it in the current fight they are in. They are also unable to copy kekkei genkai from others, uchihas are not permitted to copy hidden clan jutsu either. 

Copying another players skill will cost double the amount of word count that is equivalent to that jutsu's rank you copied. With the sharingan and it's copy ability, individuals are only being able to copy up to C-rank skills. After copying is done, you must train your new technique based on the ranks required word count. Finally, some uchihas will be offered the opportunity to win eternal mangekyou which can be won through events. Providing such a thing would make sense because it would help stabilize the small community of uchiha on this forum. 

SIDE NOTE: You can't copy an element you have not learned.

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☐ Brief over-view: Uchiha's so-called "Curse of Hatred", this emotion is a negative one, brought on by stress or loss.The emotion can also be positive, driven by a desire to protect or reunite with a loved one. All the Sharingan's abilities are available to the user from its earliest stage, but with greater development comes greater proficiency with those abilities.

➲ Eye of insight
 The user can see chakra, giving it colour in order to distinguish it by its composition and source.  Though not as capable in this regard as the Byakugan, it can see chakra through some (but not all) obstructions and detect irregularities in a person's chakra flow, such as those caused by genjutsu influence.

 The user is granted incredible clarity of perception, enabling them to read lips or mimic something like pencil movements.  Sasuke Uchiha's Sharingan was even able to see on a cellular level. In combat, this allows them to see fast-moving objects and, once fully developed, offers some amount of predictive capabilities: they can anticipate an opponent's next move based on the slightest muscle tension in their body and act accordingly to dodge or intercept. Although a Sharingan user can see these things, they also need the PHYSICAL ABILITY to actually act on the visual information.

➌ The user is able to copy almost any jutsu they see, memorising ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu with near-perfect accuracy. They can then either perform that jutsu or modify it to suit their needs, as when Sasuke Uchiha bases his Lion Barrage on Rock Lee's Front Lotus. Again, Sharingan users need the prerequisite abilities before they can mimic a jutsu they have seen, and for that reason they cannot, for example, reproduce kekkei genkai abilities they do not have or nature transformations they haven't learned to perform.

➲ Eye of hypnotism

The user can perform what is generically called Genjutsu: Sharingan. While there are various manifestations and purposes of the ability, the better known one is to, through eye contact, suggest thoughts and actions to a target, coercing them to divulge information or act in a particular way, potentially without the target's awareness. In extreme cases, the Sharingan user can take complete control of the target's body, forcing them to do exactly as the controller wishes; this control is visually indicated by the Sharingan's design appearing in the target's eye. The Uchiha are particularly infamous for using this ability on the Nine-Tails, and in fact can enter its or another tailed beasts' jinchūriki's subconscious to more precisely control the beast's chakra. Multiple targets can be taken control of in this way, though the more divided the user's attention is, the easier it is for targets to escape this control.

While not an ability per se, the Sharingan user can appear as if they are able to "see the future". First, the user must perfectly mimic every move their opponent makes and possibly their thoughts and words through careful observation. Then, they suggest an action to the opponent such as hand seals for a technique that the opponent and Sharingan user already know and copy that. With these things done, the user can complete the action even before the opponent does, possibly using the Sharingan's genjutsu to confuse or delay them.


— In order to awaken the one tomoe sharingan, uchihas will have to go on a 'sharingan' mission. 
— There must be a well typed, and believable story for you to obtain your eyes.

— In order to awaken the two tomoe sharingan, you can practice alone, or with a friend residing in your village. 
— To Awaken the two tomoe sharingan, you are required to type 600 words.
— You are encouraged to type a well-typed story that will be fun for others to read.

— In order to awaken the three tomoe sharingan, you can practice alone, or with a friend residing in your village. 
— To Awaken the three tomoe sharingan, you are required to type 800 words.
— You are encouraged to type a well-typed story that will be fun for others to read.



If your RP character is given the sharingan from another character, or stolen it will take twice as much the effort to maintain it than your average Uchiha. 

— If an eye is stolen, or given away, your RPC will have that sharingan's current tomoe, and abilities. 
—A non-uchiha user trying to obtained 2 tomoe will cost 350 words to train.
—Obtaining 3 tomoe will cost 600 words to train.

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A Mangekyō Sharingan is distinguished from a normal Sharingan by its appearance, which changes the form of the tomoe seal. The exact design differs for each user, though all resemble pinwheels. It is initially awakened by the trauma suffered from witnessing the death of someone close to the user. Uchiha have historically misunderstood this criteria as the user needing to be responsible for the person's death, and for that reason they developed the practice of killing their closest friends in order to gain the Mangekyō Sharingan. Obito's Mangekyō activated immediately after his trauma of seeing Rin, the love of his life die.

The Mangekyō Sharingan retains all of the Sharingan's generic abilities, such as casting genjutsu and the ability to distinguish chakra. In addition to these, the Mangekyō grants powerful abilities that differ from user to user, though abilities may be similar in nature; both Sasuke and Itachi have access to Amaterasu's flames, though the extent to which they can use them differ. The abilities of a Mangekyō Sharingan may not even be the same for both of a single user's eyes, as Itachi has Amaterasu in one eye and Tsukuyomi in another. Once a user awakens the Mangekyō in both eyes, or the ability of both of their eyes, they are able to perform Susanoo.


— For shinobi wanting to awaken mangekyou sharingan, they will need to go on a mangekyou sharingan mission and type a well thought out, and believable story. Friends can accompany you as well. In your mission/adventure you need to experience a form of trauma, or you can simply kill one of your clansmen and take their eyes (an actual battle, or ambush must be set up.)

— Once you gain the magekyou sharingan you can create TWO custom abilities for each eye. You also have the option of using amaterasu as a default power for one eye. 

— After your techniques have been made, you will have to fully master both of them if you desire to awaken susano'o. It will take 1,000 words each for both eyes to be mastered. 

— Eternal Mangekyou can only be achieved in forum events, or through taking the eyes of another uchiha. 

— Using Mangkeyou 10 times in separate battles will cause the user to go blind.

— Only an uchiha reincarnate of Indra who takes the cells/or organ from ashura's reincarnate can awaken rinne'gan.

— Amaterasu's default speed is tier 4 

— Amaterasu is considered an S rank skill on our forum.

— Blaze Release can only be learned by mangkeyou users. One of their eyes must be unique to the technique though.

Susanoo is a gigantic, humanoid being made of the user's chakra that surrounds them and fights on their behalf. It is the strongest ability available to those who have the Mangekyō Sharingan, and in fact is the rarest to achieve. In order to use this ability, the wielder must have awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan in both eyes. 

— Stage 1: The user will be able to make a skeleton Susano'o, to awaken this it will cost a 1,000 words. 
— Stage 2: This is the humanoid form of susano'o that doesn't have armor, it will cost 1,000 words. 
— Stage 3: This form is an armored down version of susano'o and will take 1,000 words. 
— Stage 4: This style of susano'o is the most rare to achieve (perfect susano'o)and will cost 1,600 words.
 Higher stages of Susano'o are stronger than lower stages.

Side Note; All Susano'o stages, and mangekyou related abilities have to be submitted as custom skills besides amaterasu. 

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