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Jiyuna Seishin

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1 Jiyuna Seishin on Tue Aug 23, 2016 6:02 pm

Name:Jiyuna Seishin
Name Meaning:"Free Spirit"
Clan Name: N/A
Gender: Female


Birth-date:May 14th





Personality: Very optimistic, self-kept and conservative. Has a habit of putting other before herself which at times can be annoying. She frequently has a lack of self-confidence but isn’t afraid to ask questions. Her appearance may deceive others to think that her personality is weak or insignificant but she prevails with blunt, to the point, comments. Her heart yearns to be one with nature, always caught laying across the grass, staring at the sky aimlessly in admiration of how simple the pigment of the sky appears to be. She cherishes ever bond built amongst her peers but never allows her mind to be assimilated to society. The populous is never a concern when it comes down to her opinions. Under quelled circumstances, it is normal for Jiyuna not to speak of her future actions but to put those actions into play to prove a point. If she doesn’t agree with any type of situation, rather than verbalize it, she respectfully uses her power of free will to smile and enjoy how beautiful the earth is by going off somewhere to daydream.

Appearance: Long Jet-Black hair with bangs as long as the rest of her hair. The length of her hair stems all the way down to her waistline . Her eyes are as hazel as the golden afternoon sun and her skin is as tan as caramel candy.

Unique Traits:   ~ Eyes seem brighter when wearing dark clothing
~Normally wears a thin layer of eyeliner to make her eyes pop out more
~Small mole resides under her right eye
~The term “Free” is tattooed on the back of her neck in Japanese characters, even though for the most part it is unseen because of her long hair.
~Has grass or flowers in her hair at times from the times spent laying in the grass.

Flaws: Very passionate when fighting for the sake of friends but can be reckless. Can sometimes become emotional when getting into disagreements but keeps those thoughts and emotions to herself for the sake of keeping the peace. She spends less time training and more time in a trance-like state, staring into the sky which is why he stamina tends to be lower than others. Jiyuna is tremendously humble to the point of being taken very lightly or even at times, being underestimated. At times she is viewed as weak minded due to her free spirited attitude (although she simply views the world differently than others). Using her bonds as her strength, she becomes overwhelmed with emotion during serious situations. In calm situations, she has no care in the world and often get distracted by the sky.




Position: Shinobi

Classification: None

Team(s):??,??(former),?? (This can be left blank for now)



Economic Status: Poor


Aspirations:-To be as graceful as the sea and to be a guiding light to others so that they can see what she sees in the world, as if it were as sight no one has ever seen before.
-To be as strong as the Hokage or even stronger
-Show everyone that’s she is more than just someone who gazes at nature.

Academy Entrance: 8

Academy Graduation:10



Special Jonin:??



Other: ??

D — Rank:??

C — Rank:??

B — Rank:??  

A — Rank:??  

S — Rank:??  

Medals & Certificates:??

War & Battle Participation:??  

World Travels:??

Special Locations:??

Personal Arsenal:

Kunai Leg Holster &
5 Shuriken

Special Transformations:

Summoning(s):?? (link)

Water Release



Combat Class: Senshi-Jinsoku

Yogu: 12%



⦿ Staring at the sky is symbolic to Jiyuna because it portays her sympathy for others that don’t have the capacity to see how beautiful the world truly is. It also reminds her to appreciate the life she has been granted with being free.
⦿ Occasionally plays the flute in times of mourning or stressful events in attempts to make everyone around her feel better

Biography:Raised by the people of Konohagakure, Jiyuna has lived alone all of her life. While others have wondered about her parents where-abouts, she has always given no care and appreciates the freedom that has been granted to her. At the age of 5, she was found lingering in the forest near the Hot Springs Country, where she laid across the grass to stare at the sky, wondering where she came from and who brought her to where she was at that moment. As she was lost in thought, she saw shadows dancing and flying through the trees. Rather than running off cowardly, she stared at the aimlessly, wondering who they could be. Staring at what looked like acrobats, one of the dancers appeared before her and asked “What is a little girl like you doing in a place as dangerous as this? Aren’t you scared?” She shook her head and took the hand that was offered to her. As they ran through the forest, attempting to find a safe place for her, she stared at the male figure. Although he situation was a blur, she made out what looked like to be a 6 foot male with dark hair and bright blue eyes and a forehead protector that looked as if he resided in Konohagakure. When they arrived that their destination, she was questioned of her origins and who her parents were but she has no memory of the answers they sought. Growing up was very harsh mainly due to no one paying too much attention to her. Since she wasn’t born in Konoha like the rest of the village, she was often accused of being a spy or something dangerous that is looked down upon. There would be a couple of villagers who has massive amounts of empathy towards her but in only stopped there. Throughout living alone and dealing with snarky comments from others, Jiyuna always tried her best to keep a smile on her face because she always had the one friend that would cheer her up: The Sky.

Favorite Colors: Blue, Black, White and Gold

Favorite Food: Ramen

Favorite Word: Free

Favorite Phrase:Hmm?

People I Would Like to Fight: Hokage, Any Healthy Competition

Hobbies: Staring into the Sky, Reading books, Playing the flute

Likes: Food, Nature, Stuffed Animals and Good Company

Dislikes: Ugly Attitudes, Snakes and Spiders

Beliefs, Religions & Philosophies:Believes that everything happens for a reason.
She also believes that if people see how great the world really is, people wouldn’t fight so much.

Textual Works: None

Personal Relationships:Ramen shop owner, Nature, Teammates

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2 Re: Jiyuna Seishin on Tue Aug 23, 2016 6:19 pm



Before your bio can be approved, you need to fill in the text fields Position, Occupation, Classifications. You can put Shinobi for position, and occupation; for classifications you can put rogue/missing nin if you aren't affiliated with a village. If you have no position, or occupation you should put none instead of leaving it blank. You have to remove lightning release and actually dice-roll for an element like everyone. Click here to perform your dice role.

For your battle stats you need to pick a combat class, and your sub-classes, the percents you chose need to be fixed as well, you only have 100 points to use.

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3 Re: Jiyuna Seishin on Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:10 pm




Approval Notes:

  • Create your Shinobi data & Move-Set. When finished add both of them to the bottom of your bio under personal relationships with links.
  • Remember your biography can be updated every two months.
  • Please update your forum signature with links to your character bio, shinobi data, and move-set.

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4 Re: Jiyuna Seishin on Thu Aug 25, 2016 12:01 am



Jiyuna Seishin has earned 1,500 Ryo.
Jiyuna Seishin has earned 20 XP
Jiyuna Seishin has earned a new jutsu (Does not need to be trained)

Name: Chakra Enhanced Strength
Type: Supplementary
Classification: Taijutsu
Rank: C
Range: Short
Experienced Required: 0
Chakra Cost: 30
Stamina Cost: 20
Description:  This is a technique where the user focuses chakra into their hands and feet using precise chakra control and releases it with pinpoint timing.

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