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Feud of the Jins

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Celestial Forest (lit: Tentai no mori 天体の森) is a historical location found in the Land of fire, many come here to find peace within themselves through traditional meditation. Couples often come to the captivating region located south west from Konoha to enjoy themselves on dates; shinobi often come here for intense sparring sessions, or training. North of  Tentai no mori is a shinto shrine where people worship deties, and passed loved ones.

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Feud of the Jins Bb2fbjp
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"Shut it or I'll shut that flapping mouth of yours!—Masaru Senju

The scenery suggested that the flowers blossomed upon a time earlier prior to the young boy's arrival, enslaved him with thoughts of what would it look like if he had been there when it first bloomed. Enough of that pity!, he had enough with wondering about things that will never change! Although there is one thing he was determined about, it is to see the sight covered in imprints that there were a great battle lying here! Especially when Masaru knew that there will be a battle is about to occur at this moment. Why? Because he had mastered the mind-link that connected him to the rest of the jinchuuriki who had managed to have their respective beast's trust, there Masaru had arranged a deal with one of his fellow Jinchuuriki to have a friendly spar to strengthen their bond even further. Such thoughts had stirred the blood and beast within the child as he peered over the swarm of insects flying around the entire forest with the sunlight temporarily blinded him once he looked up, in response, he had blinked his eyes repeatedly, before, with his index finger against the light ebony skin of his gentle as possible without injuring his eyes. With his nose inhaled deep as possible, filled his lung with oxygen only to exhale which ended up a great roar with a hint of pain in his tone.

Gahh, Fuck!? Fuck you Sun!
Kid.. You're too damn impatient! Even with that sun symbol on your head is irony! At Least Naruto wasn't like that when he was still alive!

A loud voice from buried within the realm beyond his consciousness had reached him with a shudder cold that sent a shook in the spine, as if he just had heard a loud ass sound from close as he was already covered his ears even though it was through the telepathy Kurama and he shared. It doesn't help that he got a damn beast inside him who had always compared him with the legend, Naruto Uzumaki, but despite of his nagging nature, Kurama was and always will be a good friend to him since the day Kurama was sealed inside him, and that friendship is something Masaru had cherished. 

Gahh, Sorry Kurama! Oh. Wait! 

He released his ears by moving his hands down, with both of his eyebrows furrowed upon the nagging Kurama had proceed to start his speech about how Masaru should be patient and to think clear. He groaned in disdain, with his eyes rolled back along the words Kurama's big mouth spoke. His hands clasped with his right palm against his closed fist against, revealing his pearly white teeth, with two fangs on the upper side, revealing that this boy is rather wild, and he doesn't want to be patient for nothing!

Oi! Kurama!
What, Brat.
I wanna do that thing! You know how being all tough-lookin and all, always work in scaring people?!

Groaned the Beast within the spiritual realm where it locked in the buried consciousness of Masaru, Kurama behaved as if he just got stuck with an annoying brat, way annoying than Naruto suggesting the way Masaru had behaved like a child! That is because he was actually a kid who had admired Kurama's cool modes he can enter through his fox chakra

BOOM! sound of explosions generated from within, a huge source of chakra had been stirred within and had rise, surrounding Masaru, with his eyes closed, transforming, with his flesh tore apart by the chakra from within, his mouth had expended until his entire mouth had became monstrous, revealing the eyes of his in the orange hue before it fully overcame the entire white  of his eyes, transforming into fully orange, with the orange marking from his former had remained on the forehead in his 4-tailed mode, suggesting that he had firmly believed in the Sun strongly!

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Masaru had expected the visitor to sense his own chakra that he is in the four tailed mode, to provoke him to enter his own tailed mode to combat, hands on hands, tails vs tails.  taijutsu vs taijutsu to see whose bijuu's strength are better once for all! 

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