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Chihiro Hyūga

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1 Chihiro Hyūga on Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:06 pm




Name: Chihiro  cat .
Name Meaning: (chi) meaning "thousand" and (hiro) meaning "search, seek".
Clan Name: Hyūga.
Age: Twelve.
Gender: Female.
Race: Human.
Birth-date: April 6th.
Height: 4’6.
Weight: 63 -77 lbs.
Family: Hikari Hyūga -Father.
Haruka Hyūga; -Mother;Deceased.
Ayae Yamanaka; -Step Mother.
Benjiro; -Cat.
❊Benjiro was found and taken off the streets by Chihiro and her mother when she was still alive. Benjiro is a white cat, with different colored eyes. One grey and one green.❊
She is shy and she lies about a lot of things because she is not confident enough. She is scared to face herself and the world. She is emotionally intelligent and she doesn’t come out of her house often. She has a complex of herself and others. In her mind weak people won't ever be any good. She thinks some people are born weak and others are born strong. She isn't aware that strength doesn't come from birth. She keeps a lot to herself but she is very observant.

Appearance: Chihiro has pale smooth skin, pink fleshy lips and big grey moon eyes. She usually wears long sleeved sweaters and skirts or dresses.

Her Clothes:

Unique Traits: Another prominent trait that Chihiro has is her ability to make animals trust and love her. She creates some kind of bond with them that other humans cannot comprehend. She can talk to animals and understand what they want or need by their movements.

Flaws: She is shy and she lies. She is not confident enough and she is scared to face herself. Chi is also secretive and anti-social.
Affiliation(s): Land of Fire.
Birthplace: Land of Fire.
Rank(s): Academy Student.

Classification: N/a.
Team(s): None.
Student(s): None.
Sensei(s): None.

Economic Status: Upper Class.

Occupation: None.
Aspirations: To be honest, to face her fears and to make friends.
Academy Entrance: Six.

Academy Graduation: N/a.
Chunin: N/a.
Special Jonin: N/a.
Jonin: N/a.
Kage: N/a.
Other: N/a.

D — Rank: N/a.
C — Rank: N/a.
B — Rank: N/a. 
A — Rank: N/a.  
S — Rank: N/a. 

Medals & Certificates: N/a.
War & Battle Participation: N/a.
World Travels: N/a.

Special Locations:
She often visits a park near a forest. It’s her special place. Before she lost her mother she and Chi always went there.  The day they decided to go, the sun wasn’t smiling at them, it hid behind clouds instead. The clouds opened and shed a thousand tears but they didn’t allow that to end their plans. Haruka and Chi danced in the rain, laughed and sang with such freedom that they cried from happiness, mismatching the weather’s mood. That was the last memory she had of them together.

Special Transformations: N/a.
Summoning(s): N/a.
Combat Class: N/a.

Biography: She lost her mother about four years ago. She is secretly still grieving her loss while her father moved on. Healed faster and re-married. Hikari Hyuga is a graceful man. Kind, loving and caring.  Everyone in Konoha respects him and if their pets, animals get sick he helps and heals them. He is well known as he is the only veterinarian in the village.  His new wife, Ayae works as a model but also a clothes designer at the silk industry within the Land of Fire.  
Chihiro accepted Ayae as her new mother, not quickly but over the years. At first she wasn’t talking to her father. She couldn’t understand or make peace with his choice, but as Ayae tried to approach her, Chihiro softened and Ayae took advantage of that.  She made Chihiro feel ugly, unimportant. She cut Chi’s hair and with every given chance Ayae verbally abused her.  Hikari isn’t aware of what’s happening because Ayae always puts on an act around him and Chihiro is too scared to speak up. At least to her father.
Favorite Colors: Grey.
Favorite Food: Yakisoba.
Favorite Word: Freedom.

Favorite Phrase: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

People I Would Like to Fight: N/a.
Hobbies: Playing the Violin, reading books, painting.
Likes: Animals, rainy and windy weather.
Dislikes: Bullies, her step mother.

Personal Relationships: Benjiro was the first friend Chihiro ever made and due to the fact he was gifted to her by Haruka, her mother he holds a special place in her heart. Thanks to him she is better. He pushes her to make choices that will most likely make her come out of her own shadow. She is the only one she trusts and the only one who has defended her against her evil step mother Ayae. —Thanks to Benjiro Chi has achieved the gift of communicating with animals.

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