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Kaze Household

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Kaze Household
Kaze Uchiha (Alive)
Maroon Uchiha (Dead)
Akatsuki Uchiha (Alive)

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"Again!" Said Kaze Uchiha. Akatsuki stood on wobbling knees, his smothered hands acted as pillars holding up a bridge on the verge of collapsing. His breaths sounded ragged, much like a dying animal cursed with agonizing pain before its passing. His messy-black hair soaked in sweat was a dripping water faucet. "Raise your head, boy, and perform the technique again." Akatsuki lifted his head and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He glanced at Kaze as he stood. Akatuski reached in his ninja pouch and pulled out three black shuriken. He focused on the two targets Kaze set on the trees that were far in distance. Akatsuki whipped his arms back and swung them through the air. He let two shuriken slip from his wet finger tips. They whizzed through the still air, creating propelling noises similar to a chopper. The shurikens clipped each other. They blasted in opposite directions and hit their marks.

The leaves shook on the targeted trees which sprouted crows. "Look at me, Akatuski." Akatuski's jet-black sandals lost ounces of life and were scratched up, much like his legs, hands, and face. He looked at his father the way a soldier looked at their commander.   "You're lowering your back to much when you throw shuriken, if you want them to come out faster, lower your back less." Said Kaze. "Yes father." Said Akatsuki. "Good, continue your training for another hour, then come inside to clean up." Kaze's face was stone, he stood like mountain, unmovable by all things. Akatsuki fixed his mouth to speak, but his words were locked and the key was lost. 'I wish you'd disappear, old man,' he thought to himself. Akatsuki's beaten-down hand scrambled around in his ninja pouch, he grabbed two shuriken. He launched them in the air and they connected, repelling off each other and striking their targets.

As soon as the trees were hit, he heard a cat. He floundered to the tree, looking for it. He knelt down and made smacking noises to reel the cat in like a fish. The sun was beginning to set, Akatsuki turned his head to see if his father came looking for him. The coast was clear. The boy snapped his fingers and the white cat came out. It brushed against his leg. "Meow," the cat said. Akatsuki rubbed its head and ears. He kept his lips closed and  smiled even though it was faint. Memories of his mother, Maroon flooded his thoughts. Akatuski was absent with the details, but he remembered her warmth. It lingered within him till this day.

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The sun's brightness and burning passion dimmed away, the curtain of night fell over Konoha. The wind's tone was now bitter. Akatsuki's legs were shackled to the ground as he gazed into the forest-green eyes of the cat. He rubbed its head with his thumb. "Good luck," he said. "Meow," the cat walked away, back into which it came, the Uchiha forest. He made his way home, but along the way he stopped. Akatsuki raised his head to the white light, it bounced off his eyes. He was submersed. The stars were together, they even huddled around the moon. It was like looking into the household window of a functional family. Akatsuki smiled, but at the same time his vision was blurred. He wiped his eyes and dried his hands off with his pants. 'Why can't we be more like that,' he thought. He arrived home, opening the door—the smell of miso soup drifted through the air. Akatuski's mouth watered up.

He walked to the kitchen with a hand on his belly, only to see their personal chef whipping up a dinner. The chef noticed Akatsuki from the corner of his eye. "Welcome home, Akatsuki," he said, turning his head. Akatsuki looked at him and waved. "Hey, Taku," he replied.

"How was your day?"
"Same old thing?"
"Gee' kid, you get less and less talkative as the months go by." Akatsuki leaned against the wall and lifted his eyebrows, his eyes trapped in space. 'Maybe I said to much, ' Taku thought. "Everything okay Akatsuki?" , "Yeah, I'm fine. Gonna' go shower." Akatsuki went down the desolate corridor with his head down. The walls were shell-white, they never peeped a word and not one mark was inflicted upon them. His reflection surfaced from the floor. He passed his father's work room, he happened to see him writing a book. 'Must be something about fighting, as usual,' he thought.  Akatsuki glued his back to the wall. He moved with the feet of mice and turned his head around the corner, spying on his father.

"Akatsuki, what are you doing?"
"Uh..." His heart pounded.
"Curious about what I'm working on?"
"Yes," Akatsuki said. He stood like a stick.
"I see, it's for the Uchiha Police Force."
"When you're old enough, you'll be joining, too." 

Akatsuki said nothing, he was confused. "Get cleaned up." said Kaze. "Yes sir." Akatsuki walked away, letting the stressed air in his lungs out. After taking his shower, he sat at the table, indian style with Kaze. 

"Taku, this meal is delicious."
"Thank you Sir. Well I better be off."
"Take care," said Kaze.
"Bye, Taku," said Akatsuki.

The house door closed. Silence filled their home. Akatsuki looked past his father and into the far corner, he noticed the game board Taku had given him for one of his birthdays. The box collected all types of dust since he had no one to play it with, but that slipped the Aka's mind. "Dad, do you want to play my board game, Flaming Bouncer?" 
"No, I have work and you do as well. Speaking of which, you start the Academy soon, I expect to see nothing but the best from you, my son." Kaze said, looking at his son. Akatsuki nodded, finishing his food.

"Hey dad"
"What was mom like?" Kaze stopped eating and put his bowl down. He looked at his son. Akatsuki looked back at him, but Kaze couldn't find the words to answer him. "You're quite talkative today," he said. He took a few seconds to speak again. "Your mother had a wa--," Kaze was interrupted by a knock on the door. "Maybe another time, Akatsuki. Wash the dishes and get ready for bed." Akatsuki nodded. When his father left the dining room, he sighed.

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