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Hyūga Household

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Hyūga Household
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Chihiro Hyūga was once again pacing back and forth at her mansion’s hallway. The walls were painted soft brown while the floor was made out of wood, soft and polished.  It was so clean you could practically see your own reflection starring back at you. The air within the house was friendly and warm. Anyone that joined would instantly feel as if this home was their own.

Chihiro suddenly sped up her pace and as the corridor was long once she reached its finishing point she went back where she started. She did that for at least twenty minutes when finally she heard the sound of keys. ''Daddy.'' She murmured to herself and almost tripped as she missed Benjiro between her legs. ''Benji!''she scolded and he meowed. Before running off to the door she petted his small head.

Once she reached the door and saw who walked in, her eyes widened and the happiness from her face got drained away. ''Chi?'' She heard Ayae’s high pitched voice calling her. She didn’t want to respond but she knew what would happen if she didn’t. ''Yes?'' she muttered as she stepped out of the shadows. ''Were you hiding just now?'' Ayae asked. Chi scoffed and waved her hand. ''I- I’d never do that.'' Her heart started pounding loudly in her ears as Ayae slowly approached her. ''Reeeeeeaaally?'' Ayae narrowed her eyes and grabbed Chihiro by the jaw. ''Well, good.'' She said sternly after Chi nodded and Ayae let go.

''Where’s your father?'' She asked after placing her bag on the kitchen counter.
''Work.'' Chihiro said.
''Mmmhm.'' Ayae replied as she opened the fridge, to grab something to snack on.
''I’ll go to my room now.'' Chihiro spoke curtly and hurried out of there.

Soon after she heard loud footsteps behind her, following her and then a tight grip around her arm. ''Where do you think you are going?'' Ayae asked aggressively as her grip tightened. ''I-.. I- I have to study.'' Chihiro stuttered, squinting her eyes at the pain Ayae was creating. ''Are you lying to me?!'' She screamed and Chi flinched. ''I..I’d never do that!'' she murmured. ''I’d never do this, I’d never do that!'' Ayae mimicked Chi’s voice, making fun of her before tightening once again her grip around Chi’s arm. ''IS THERE ANYTHING YOU WOULD EVER DO?!''  She continued, yelling.

Chihiro didn’t dare to look at Ayae’s eyes.  Chihiro’s gaze was fixated on the polished floor, on her scared expression. Daddy, please come home… She thought and that’s when Benjiro jumped on Ayae, scratching her arm with a hiss. Chihiro grabbed Benjiro in her arms and barefooted she ran out of the mansion and into the streets of Konoha. She had no destination in mind, she just knew she wanted to get out of there and be left alone.

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