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Name: Red
Alias: Scarlet Trickster, Red King 
Race: Ignition Saiyan
Age: 22
Weight: 160lbs
Height: 5'9
Family: Blue―Brother(Active)•Caelum―Brother(Unknown)
POB: Unknown

Personality: Red is an aggressive person, at times he does not trust his own judgement with people who fight alongside him―he'd rather do his decision making alone. He wasn't always that way, he was effected by the ferox gene, which not only altered his personality, but his mantra(aura), and physiology. He is usually able to keep a clear head around his little brother, Blue. Red is intelligent, he's an advent reader of many categories of books, usually when he does battle, it is easy for him to comprehend the mechanics of techniques down to its simplest form.
Positive Traits: Abnormal Intelligence, Witty, Tactician, Revolutionary, Precise
Negative Traits: Aggressive, Merciless, Blunt 
Notable Features:  The Scarlet Trickster has blood-red eyes that are uncommon where he hails from. He shares a striking resemblance betwixt his mentor, Turles, and someone else, known as Son Goku.
Body Type: Slim, Athlete build

Organization(s): N/a
Occupation(s): Magic Researcher
Popularity: None
Notable Mentors: Turles
Notable Students: Blue
Achievements: Red has written a famous grimoire, he has kept his profile hidden by eradicating any ties of him to the book. The book currently resides in a pocket space, the only things known about the book are its demonic summons.

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Odoroki (Lit: Surprise Style―驚き), Odoroki is fashioned for speed based martial artist, to pull off the tricks of the fighting style, the user has to be in a constant state of manipulating their mantra through the inside of their body. After doing this, the energy must reach the base of the user's skin, releasing a faint, but icy looking aura.(This aura can generate plenty of kinetic energy as well) With every physical strike performed on a focused target, the user will release an aura strike from baffling angles. The aura can appear from left, right, behind, above, under―It does not matter if the physical strike lands or not, the mantra behind the attack will summon its self once you have done the physical work. The energy can be manifested into anything based on practitioner's imagination, the true genius behind the skill is that it is not instantly summoned once physically performed, it has a one second delay, which will leave an opponent open for punishment. For every one strike performed by the user, that equals three summons of aura strikes done to the opponent. The constraint on how fast the aura comes out is dependent on the user. 

Bardo (Lit: Limbo―fence of life), Bardo is a unique technique, but weak minded individuals cannot harness it's advanced capabilities. Bardo allows one to render existing objects from the users visuals, replacing them with only the world's natural state of ki. This will, in a sense give the user x-ray vision, though the concepts are drastically different. The world around the user will become infinite white space, and the opponent's body will no longer be flesh, it will only become a humanoid version of energy. Within this state, the user is hyper sensitive to the emotions opponent's tie into their attacks. Once a practitioner enters bardo, they become one with the earth's life force, being able to tap into it (Not absorb it), but once they do this, every physical motion done by the opponent, even by a centimeter can be felt, every technique influenced by energy will be felt as well, even when individuals teleport because Bardo exists on different planes.

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