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Basic Information:

Name: Tengoku Tenkou
Nickname: Kamui
Age: 23
Height: 5'9
Weight: 157Ib
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Country of Origin: India
Occupation: Professional Foot-Ball player

Character Information: 

Overall Personality: Kamui is a self-centered individual, he only thinks of himself. He identifies anyone around him as ants because he feels they are not on par with his status. Whenever he acknowledges someone, which is a rare site to see, he labels them as special ants. As stated, Kamui is a man of great arrogance, hence the name Kamui. If he does not see someone as fit, he will strongly refuse to listen and if he does listen, he chooses to be leisure about the situation.

Personality Strengths: Intelligent | Quick Witted | Intuitive | Decisive

Personality Flaws:  Slight emotional detach | Self-Centered | Arrogance

Hobbies: Akido | Kendo | Sports | Music | Painting

Habits: Kamui has a habit of smiling and laughing in battle, those actions cause his opponents to feel like their being looked down on. Thus, ultimately making his habit a terrible one in the eyes of some enemies. Another habit which is bad, he tends to call people ants. 

Likes: Praise  |  undermining people  |  discovery  | Kendo  |  Manga

 Dislikes: Being Ignored |  Looked down on | Idiots

Appearance Information:

Build: Slim / Athletic 
Physical Information: Kamui has been an athlete ever since he was fourteen years of age, this has given him enough time to develop an incredible body that he would later dedicate to rigid sports he involved himself in. With the help of foot-ball and running every morning, things like lung capacity, focus, awareness and stamina were highly enhanced within him through normal means. Being a professional runner-back for the NFL, Kamui's coach had him focus on the typical workouts which consisted of Strength, Stamina, Speed, Endurance and Agility. Five vital things that a football player should always have to last through their games. With hard-work in the games, he and his team played, Kamui gained greater strength in both legs, this gave him the ability to accelerate more briskly than the average runner back and even upper-class runners. To someone who has barely worked out, let alone dedicated themselves to physically improving, realistically they should have not been able to keep up with Kamui's speed along with his overall movement. Based on the way he trained, he became physically superior than the common man.To ensure his leg strength couldn't be rivaled along with his stamina, at the beginning of every summer, Kamui took trips to a special mountain where a vast gathering of runners always came to complete special seven week training. Like the other runners, Kamui performed the same actions as they did which was jogging and sprinting up the tall mountain. Eventually everyone reached 2,100 m above sea level, this was where the real training for him began. Even though there was a lack of oxygen, there were ways with the help of technology to work around it. His body and lungs needed to adjust to the high altitude he was exposed too, he quickly adapted to the area after one week of normally walking around and doing simple runs. The explination for him training so high above ground was for better performance at sea level because once he back to normal ground, his physiology was going to have slightly evolved. The reason for it evolving was to adjust its self to the high altitude he was faced with. Better endurance, breathing, speed and agility was aquired through seven weeks of hard work.

Combat Information part 1:

Weapon Name: Ningenteki Shokugen
Creator(s) Name: Unknown
Alias: Ningen | N.G.S

Ningenteki Shokugen Information:
N.G.S | Structure:  Ningenteki Shokugen is a ravishingly designed katana, its handle is 7 inches long which enables the wielder to make use of both his or her hands. The entire blade is 27 inches long with a width of 4 inches. As a whole, Ningen is 34 inches in length. The Ningenteki Shokugen is a single edged sword which means the upper-half of the blade can deal blunt damage, this leads to bone fracturing, if enough force has been applied. As for the lower-half of the sword, it is used for one hit kills and can easily slice through almost anything. A simple, yet effective feature of Ningen is obviously its steel blade which is capable of refracting many things and one of those things would be light projection. Being able to reflect light, it gives the user the advantage of blinding his or her opponents. The sword is sharp enough to slice through certain bullets and strong enough to redirect the course of a flying arrow with-out cracking, but that would depend on the user's accuracy and speed. Luckily the Ningenteki only weighs 1.3kg making  it a tool of light use and since it is light, the speed is very great depending on its wielder. At the very peak of Ningenteki Shokugen, the pommel; it is molded to resemble a circle, inside that circle is a large hole. 2 centimeters below the pommel is a small ball that bulges 3 centimeters from the swords tsuka (the handle). Attached to the ball is a thin string that holds an ivory cloth; on that cloth are two 1 inch golden strips running across it. The cloth isn't exhibited to be flashy. It is utilized to confuse or at least steal the attention of an enemy. The base of the sword's tsuka is a golden tsuba, the tsuba is used to parry attacks and redirect projectiles - the tsuba is also capable of blocking swords up-close but such an action must be executed carefully or  it could break. The model of N.G.S's sheath is unique because it's made of metal, which allows it to to defend against projectiles and other swords, but that depends on the opposing sword's size. The sheath's display is unique because it shows Buddhist symbols and along with that, the hues of it match where they orginate from. There are three different shades of yellow the holster has, and those three shades are Aureolin, Jonquil and sunglow yellow. Besides the sheath's charming features, it has a natural ability to emit a scant aura of golden light. It isn't enough to blind an opponent, but it is enough to become a heavy distraction, the light is only activated through the users excitment in battle.

N.G.S | Physical Cons: Ningenteki Shokugen is indeed a lovely sword to have but it can face many problems against weapons that carry greater mass than its self. N.G.S is naturally feeble, meaning that it is easy to break or crack if the user mindlessly bashes it against weapons that carry greater density. This also goes for specific armors as well, the sword actually suffers in a sense from its lightness to execute swift attacks because it lacks quality defense ability that other weapons may have. This is  not to say the sword doesn't have durability because it can still take on certain impacts depending on how it is weilded during battle. 

N.G.S | Ability:
Inazuma Tenshu (Lightning Speed): Inazuma Tenshu, also known as The Teleporting Stamp is a unique ability that N.G.S retains; the sword can imbue a teleporting stamp on anything it comes in contact with. This does not mean the user can teleport things to him or herself, it means they have gained access to teleport to whatever location they desire as long as they have made physical contact with the object or person. As stated, the sword's blade conjures tags/symbols, but the symbol can also be embedded on the sheath. Through that the sheath has gained the same ability as the blade. By letting the Inazuma logo attach its self to the sheath, this avoids unnecessary death of an opponent. To go in further depth about the teleporting capabilities, if the user wishes, they can temporarily attach the stamp to an opponent through physical contact. This ultimately means no matter where the opponent has ran too, the weilder of Ningen can easily teleport towards their locality as long as they are within the time-frame of the teleporting stamps rules. The stamps can be embedded on animals, objects and the ground. If the user of this technique is truly skilled they are enabled to place the logo on themselves, this gives them the ability to only replace their bodies  with their equipment.What this means is that one can perform body replacement with the sword or sheath and the other way around.

N.G.S | Ability Cons: The cons of the sword's stamps is that they can be destroyed. The only problem with that is actually doing it, it can be complicated in some situations because they're manifested through the users spirit force and stamina which means someone cannot simply remove it from their bodies. The enemy can choose the alternative of wasting their physical and spiritual energy to break the tags/symbols by over-powering it with their spirit energy which would quickly exhaust them or they could ride it out and deal whatever comes their way. As for destroying symbols on objects and ground, the opponent is free to explode the specific target, but such actions automatically reset all time-frames on the tags and ultimately allow the user to create new symbols. Only five symbols can be created at a time and they only last for 4 minutes (5 posts). Creating five symbols are only for drastic measures, if one is to manifest a single symbol then the time in which it expires would take a while. The reason for this is because there is only one symbol, and that single tag means there is barely any energy drain going on. As more symbols are created the time the symbols have will decrease. As for the sword, sheath and the user tattoing the symbol on him or herself they are exluced from normal time expiration. This is only because it takes stamina and spiritual energy to maintain the form of teleportation tags, so yes this means that once the tags have been embedded on an object or person  it takes some form of focus to maintain those symbols. The greater the distance the symbol are from the caster, the quicker the users energy is drained. Such a thing can work two ways, if the caster moves to far away from still objects or things apart of nature that does not move like the ground, trees or rocks then they will start losing stamina and spirit energy quicker than usual. If tags are placed on a mobile things like humans, animals or mentally manipulated things, this can become a problem if the user does not keep up with them (This only takes true effect if the opponent as moved away to great distances.) As for symbols being conjured on the sword, sheath and its user, it will last for 9 minutes (10 posts) and the cool down time is 12 minutes (13 posts). The explination for the time extention is because everything is closer, rather than the seals being placed on the ground, objects or opponents.

Physical Boosts:
Speed & Stamina

Kamui's fighting style plays on making use of a great stamina, therefore the physical boost of stamina plays off his speed which enables him to last longer than most. Being able to move at such speeds with his entire body  is difficult for him to see things while he is in the process of movement. Depending on the techniques he uses he is able to break movement quickly but normally his speed will back fire because it is difficult to come to complete stops.

Kamui has no real strategies when he goes into battle, he simply fights. He is far from having a structure when it comes to combat. On special occassions, if he acknolwedges his opponent he will get serious and perform some of the most detailed strategies that demoralize his opponents but when they see how fast he is, they are blown away by that alone.

Additional Information:
This is a simple view of how long the stamps last along with their cool downs.
> 1 Tag(s) Last = 8 minutes (9 posts) | Cool Down = 4 minutes (3 posts) <
> 2 Tag(s) Last = 7 minutes (8 posts) | Cool Down = 5 minutes (4 posts) <
> 3 Tag(s) Last = 6 minutes (7 posts) | Cool Down = 6 minutes (5 posts) <
> 4 Tag(s) Last = 5 minutes (6 posts) | Cool Down = 7 minutes (6 posts) <
> 5 Tag(s) Last = 4 minutes (5 posts) | Cool Down = 8 minutes (7 posts) <

Ningenteki Shokugen Image

Combat Information part 2:

Character Affinity: Lightning

Technique 1: Lightning Grinder:  The user of this ability is able to move about freely, whether it is on ground or through air, the reason for this is because the creator is able to manifest a single bolt of lightning that is 3 to 5 meters long. After the bolt has been conjured from the users brain, they are enabled to hook their feet to these lightning bolts and briskly drag themselves across it as if they were grinding like a skate-boarder. The user can choose to bend the lightning bolts at will as well if they don't want to travel in straight paths. Another perk to having this skill is that once the use of grinding has been completed, they can latch their hand around the lightning bolt and swing it into anything. Once it makes contact with the desired object, person or animal, the bolt will erupt into scattered lightning to shock anything it touches.

Lightning Grinder Cons: By far this is the most basic and easy to use skill that Kamui has, it requires little concetration. Wind users are able to shift the lightning bolt by altering its course. Such speed is also able to make the opponent lose site of important things around him if they aren't careful.

Technique 2: Lightning Gun:  Kamui can concetrate energy into his  single left finger or all four of them to shoot tiny balls of lightning that mold themselves after bullets. They travel through air at alarming speeds as well. If an opponent is fighting with anything metal related, the lightning will increase in traveling speed and stun them greatly.

Lightning Drive Cons: There aren't many cons to this ability because it barely requires and strength to perform but if his focus is interrupted the bullets can erupt and explode on him. Wind users can redirect the lightning to anywhere they wish.

Technique 3: Lightning Drive:  This technique allows the user to access quick bursts of blinding speed that can be held for no more than two minutes. The user has become quick enough to create a rapid succession of precise attacks. Not only has their speed & reflexes temporarily enhanced, they can create a  discharge of lightning (along with lightnings extensive branches) that is daunting to an opponent's body if a succuessful connection has been made. In addition, this technique can be utilized to cover long distances in short periods of time.
-Last 4 posts-
-Cool Down Time 3 posts-

Lightning Drive Cons: Normally a weaker body would have been out of breath using this technique but Kamui simply has enough stamina due to being a foot ball player and runner. With the added boost he aquires from weilding his katana, losing stamina is very minimal. On another note, the effectiveness of lightning drive can be rendered by wind users. Finally, even though his speed has been heightened, it is vital that Kamui takes caution while using the ability because it is difficult to accurately see during movement with his entire body.

Technique 4: Lightning Walk: Lightning Walk is a special  foot technique that is used for offense and defense wrapped in one. In fact, this technique is an evolved version of lightning drive because It is primaly used for closing in for attacks and withdrawing to evade opponents. Every action with this skill is executed within the blink of an eye and if the movements of the user are truly advanced, they can create up to five after-images that are lightning constructs (these lightning constructs created from speed which are only after images  last 4 seconds). The constructs mimic the complete physical features of the caster to play in the mind of an enemy. Such a technique should leave an opponent baffled while their trying to defend themselves because if they fail to make correct judgement, that would mean they're leaving themselves wide open for attacks. Just like lightning drive, the user can exhaust destructive amounts of lightning from their vessel that can harm the opponent. The lightning constructs can disperse as well because they either drop to the surface of the ground and flood it with lightning or they can explode and reach a 3 meter radius. (The lightning flooding on ground can also expand to a  3 meter radius just as the constructs that explode)

Lightning Walk Cons: This technique can be weakened and defended against by a user of wind, the user of the technique can also be harmed in vision if they don't take the time to spot out their opponents during movement. Senses that involve hearing are naturally negated by the sound of lightning.

Technique 3: Raikou Kuroun: (Lightning Clone) Raikou Kuroun plays off of the constructs made from lightning drive, but they can also be manifested from the creators brain. A user of this technique is only able to maintain two clones at a time, but being able to maintain two clones have many advantages if specific abilities aren't given to them. Kamui makes use of the clones by having them do simple things that don't strain his stamina as much, those things are simply fighting and defending for him. At any-time he can have the clones perform any of his lightning attacks but depending on what skill it is, it can become taxing on his body. These clones cannot be simply destroyed, the clones can only be defeated by two successful strikes in terms of hand to hand combat. Against weapons like swords, they can be defeated in one hit, the same goes for explosions. Arrows and other projectiles can also kill them in one hit as well. What makes the clones so dangerous is that they are bodies of lightning, so people who have anything metal related are exposed to getting easily eletrocuted at any point in time of the battle if it  close range. One more thing to note about these lightning clones is that they take up the same characteristics as their creator, the clones can also mimic the appearance of the caster as well. Depending  how skilled the user is, they this to their advantage to confuse opponents.

Lightning Clone Cons: The clones only last up to 5 posts, anything beyond that can become greatly taxing on the users body. Another way forit to be taxing is if the user actually has both clones perform his or her techniques of greater skill. Having one clone perform a technique doesn't harm the user much, but it still takes a small cost of stamina. If the user has rested they can make use the ability again but it would take 6 posts to re-summon the clones. Enemies with good eyes can tell if the clones are human or not because they would be able to see the small frenquencies on their body. This also goes for individuals with enhanced hearing because they can hear the low frequencies being made from the clone.

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