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The strength chart/tiers is simple to follow. Strength tends to fluctuate depending on specific abilities applied to your fighting style, but the effectiveness of strength can also degrade based upon damage intake. This chart is present for everyone to reference when it comes to battle and building characters; this chart will also aid everyone if a debate should occur. There are different descriptions and references within the tier lists - it should be noted that some things are going to be blatantly superior to the other while reading through everything. Tiers can be applied to gain other tiers, or generally just augmenting your strength. The tier references do not actually apply to your strength, but they can give you an idea of what things you can perform based on training or various enhancements.

• This chart is subject to changing with new knowledge.

▪ Tier 1 - Average Human
The Lowest of all strength tiers, the majority of humans can deal this type of damage.

— A small child/Academy student
— A fit teenager
— Fit Woman
— Fit man

▪ Tier 2 - Standard Shinobi Strength
Peak to slightly enhanced levels of strength, shinobi at this level are considered high above average  people and some ninja.

— A fresh ninja, typical Genin like strength
— A refined physique, fitting of a shinobi
— Trained and well kept strength of a shinobi
— Enough power to lift 50-300kg
Kakashi like strength (He was able to stop two hidden mist nin running at full speed with just his strength alone by grabbing them with his arms. Their speed did not make him flinch upon impact either. Kakashi was able to do push-ups with one finger while having Sakura and Tazuna on his back.)
— Strength comparable to part 1 Rock Lee (He was able to lift the roots of a tree from the ground. Lee could also single highhandedly stop Sasuke and one of the chunin exam instructors attacks at the same time.)
— Zabuza like strength (Able to wield and swing gigantic swords like nothing, also capable of repelling dozens upon dozens of opponents at once, such as naruto's clones for example.)
— Might Guy like strength (He is noted to have reached the pinnacle of peak strength, and is capable of one shoting' opponents through concrete walls.)
— Jirobo like strength (In part 1, Choji Akimichi's strength is very considerable for his age, being described as massive. He can combine that power with his multi-sized jutsu, but a base level Jirobo was able to stop him with two hands and lift him off of the ground. It is also stated that Jirobo's physical prowess far surpasses that of all the sound four.)

▪ Tier 3 - Amplified Abilities
Using one's chakra and physical ability, they can enhance a their tier of strength unreasonably. Some shinobi are naturally born with this strength while others cannot hope to even reach this amount of might, even with all of their training. They need chakra and other techniques to reach these feats. 

— Able to lift 600kg to 3,000kg 
—  Strength gained from Level 1 Curse Mark.
— By combining chakra into your attacks, you can gouge out the ground by 10ft or more with a single punch, leaving fractures of the ground to fly into the air.
— Capable of leveling a vast amount of the earth's surface by 10 to 20 meters with a single fist.
— Strength is enough to make someone fly 7 meters+ with the flick of a connecting finger. 
— You can literally split the ground in half with little effort using one finger.
— By combining chakra with your physical strength, you can lift extremely large masses off of the ground that are comparable to the size and weight of 40 and more African elephants.
— Strength nearly comparable to a base strength Tsunade (She was able to lift Gamabunta's katana and jump meters high into the air. Whether it was a single hand or not, she was able to hit Jiraiya -- who is pretty durable -- and break 6 of his ribs, both his arms, and rupture a number of his organs. Another impressive feat of Tsunade was yanking Orochimaru by his tongue considering the far distance between them) 
— Strength gained through the 8 gates, gates 1-5 preferably for this tier.(Depending on the gate, strength can be raised a tier, such as with the gate of Joy. In the manga, it shown that the forth gate has enough power to the surface of the ground, causing the land mass to be blown away, but this is also from the contribution of chakra being emitted.)

 Tier 4 - Transformed Abilities + Nature Enhancement
Users of this strength have created some type of buff through chakra control that involves an element, or a transformed state which skyrockets their physical parameters. 

—Strength gained from Level 2 curse mark.
—Strength gained from earth release.
—Earth Release: Hardening Technique.
—Using Wind as a medium.
— Tsunade's Raw Strength + Strength of 100 seals (She was capable of breaking parts of Susano'o with a few punches.)
— Strength is capable of breaking a meteor in half, this power is gained from the gate of joy.
— Strength gained from a 100 seals.
— Strength gained from lightning armor.
— Literally strong enough to lift 20,000lbs+ through specific transformations such as sage mode
— Power achieved by entering sage mode.
— Jirobo's level 2 curse mark (He was capable of lifting a mountain size Choji who was under the influence of food pills.)
— Strength gained from Butterfly Mode (In part one, choji stated his strength had increase 100 times. Upon stating this, he was able to catch a punch from a level 2 curse mark Jirobo with one hand.)
— Third Raikage's Raw strength + Lightning Armor (He was able to break part of sasuke's susano'o in one of its skeleton forms with a single chop.)
— Strength achieved through gates 6-8. (It should be noted that the 6th gate is strong enough to cause vortexes in nearby bodies of water)
— Tailed beast chakra w/o tail and cloak (Naruto possessed enough physical power to create waves of air pressure that was strong enough to send Sasuke flying backwards.)
— Strength gained from tailed beast transformation. (Chakra modes excluded)

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This is not a reflection of your actual character speed. This system allows all shinobi to leap through different levels of speed, but ultimately this system expresses limits on all of your techniques, and transformations. Some ranks are only appropriate for specific techniques but based on the description of your creation it may be accepted.

You can increase your tier by adding them together. For example, a user of Tier 3 can add Tier 2 as one to get to Tier 1 speed. The only tier that doesn't work on is Tier 6 added with any other one. 

Sage Mode and natural energy increases the speed of all Tiers by at least half.

Tier 1 - Average Human
The Lowest of all tiers, the majority of humans run at this speed which is at least 15 mph 
— A small child/Academy student
— A fit teenager
— Fit Woman
— Fit man

Tier 2 - Standard Shinobi Speed
Ninja are meant to abnormally fast to out-run animals like cheeta, or foxes.
— A beginner shinobi
— A well experienced shinobi with a refined body
— An excellent shinobi with genetic advantages
— Speed comparable to rock lee & guy/w weights off.
— Body Flicker type acceleration

Tier 3 - Amplified Abilities
Using one's chakra, and physical ability enhance one's speed and acceleration. The user of this tier has the power to move at speeds difficult for the eyes to see. 
— A basic Body Flicker 
— Speed gained by enhanced muscular physique
— Enhanced muscular physique plus Body Flicker or Speed influenced by biju chakra 
— Speed gained from many years of strenuous physical activity under odd conditions (can be senjutsu but not guaranteed) 
— Speed gained using super chakra enhanced Body Flicker + Flicker 
— Speed gained from opening the Eight Gates, outside of space warping (depending on the gate, it can trump the above tier) 

Tier 4. Elemental Abilities
Fighters harnessing elemental releases who use the power to augment their speed.  At this point it is near impossible for the eyes to keep up with this person. The exception is biju tails speed 
— Speed enhanced by the highest tier of Raiton no Yoroi 
— Speed using wind as a medium 
— Speed with the likes of Suiton no Yoroi (an original technique) 
— Speed using fire as a medium + speed gained from varying levels of biju tails 
— First level Raiton no Yoroi and other elemental vitalization techniques 
— Techniques allowing one to shortly travel through elements in a flicker 

Tier 5. Space-Time/Space Warping 
Individuals on this tier use Space-Time Ninjutsu or physical speed quick enough to literally bend the space around them on movement—such speed would require not only immense durability, but life-threatening near death consequences. If the eyes can keep up with a person using this speed, there must be some sort of dojutsu or specialty. 
— Might Guy's Eight Gates Formation where he warped space around him 
— Sasuke's space-time replacement technique 
— Tobirama/Minato's Flying Thunder God 
— Kamui with two eyes & Shin Uchiha's space-time 
— Speed that comes with being jubi's jinchuriki 
— 1 eye'd Kamui at the start of Shippuden 

Tier 6. Speed of Light
Those with the ability to travel at the speed of light, similarly to the Heavenly Transfer Technique. Absolutely requires a life-threatening drawback—however—plus extreme durability similar to A and Tsunade's. No eyes can keep up with the speed of light, unless a person should prove to be a god. 
— Raw speed using light 
— The Heavenly Transfer Technique 
— Transforming into light for movement 
— Moving with light as a medium 
— Physical speed fast enough to counter light 

This system was created by the Avatar Gou @IMVU

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