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Ninja Points

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A set of ninja points is something you gain every Tuesday, these points increase your character's over all physical capabilities. The max in which you can earn a week is 15 points. To earn these points, players will have to follow multiple objectives, these objectives are not based on word count nor post count, it is focused on your detail as a story teller. Be sure to follow the guide accordingly. Just because you follow the goals of this once a week training method does not mean you will be granted the full benefits of your efforts if you do not try to post something of quality. Anyone can say they did a fire ball jutsu, or walked on water. Show us the detail in your hand signs and the build of chakra, as well as the air going into your lungs. If you're walking on water, talk about the balance that has to be created with chakra. The training system for ninja points is such a unique thing that it allows you to not only train chakra control, but your jutsu all in one setting, so you are benefiting from a lot of things.

[RP] Objectives Chart

Practice learning
and studying hand signs
Perform an
E,D,C,B,A, or S rank technique
that you know
Focus on training one,
or all of your
physical attributes
Show a resting period in
your training
After gaining some chakra back
from rest, practice chakra control [1]
Hone your perceptive ability through
a method, or multiple
methods of training.
Rules and Guidelines for Ninja Points

You can only acquire 15 points of NP EVERY Tuesday.

As a welcome to the site, you will start with a FREE 20 NP.

You need to keep track of these points and everything related to them in your trackers.

These unique type of training methods must be sent here for approval when complete.

Players will not receive EXP from NP training, however they are rewarded with ryo.

Understand that if you stack your points for 15+ and decide to use them, someone may or may not question you, but if they do, you need to show the proper links along with the date on your activity for earning these points. Exact links to your date of approval for said points needs to be presented as well.

Avoid submitting fluff, or what I call filler in your post when It comes to training for NP. We do not need to see you role-playing at a ramen shop in detail, or purchasing something, and whatever else entails these type of themes. The main focus is to see your character working on themselves through training with descriptive writing. Anything unrelated to the recent statements needs to be a breeze when it comes to a staff members reading your work.

Try to avoid things that do not fit into the plot of training because you'll be graded on your ability to stay on track.

Everyone who participates in doing this training will earn 5,000 ryo. If you meet your training requirements exactly, you'll be given a bonus of another 5k.

You ABSOLUTELY cannot share NP with other players, nor your other account's characters.

After you perform chakra control by maxing out the current rank you are focused on, you'll never have to do it again, systematically speaking. You will still have to master each rank's level of chakra control, this system is just another way of doing it.

Blue means these type of training methods can be repeated.

Green means you can only do it once again. 

Red means it can only EVER be done once every session. 

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