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IMVU Article
If you're familiar with forums and how they generally work, then this article isn't for you. This guide was made for IMVU users who are looking to try something different. IMVU groups has offered you and myself a lot of  freedom when it comes to creativity, it's one of the glorious and chaotic things about it honestly; and not only that, IMVU has always prioritized skill over anything. The idea of Naruto Windstorm is similar, if not better. For instance, on IMVU there isn't much regulation on a character's application of chakra, and even though there are benchmarks for a character's reserves listed in their bios, that doesn't stop them from using it like they're a nine-tails jinchuriki. I've never been a fan of it, so, I set it right on my site. Your average shinobi, even if they are talented does not have inhuman levels of chakra, only a few people do because their situations are more unique.

I don't want to go on about this forever, all I'm saying is that chakra for N.W.S was made with a lot of thought, so much that I tried to match it with the series. On IMVU you don't have to think much when you're shooting out your ninjutsu  because you've never had to think about the repercussions of chakra loss, but here, you cannot spam ninjutsu; you have to make your techniques count when it matters the most. In the Naruto series they had to use bukijutsu and taijutsu to conserve their chakra most of the time, and if the fight was that serious, THEN ninjutsu got used. Another thing that was swam in my mind when I was creating the chakra system was an individual's quantity.

Fighting a Jinchuriki, Uzumaki, Senju, or someone with massive chakra reserves will be challenging for someone who is considered 'average' in terms of their chakra pool. This may be discouraging for new comers, or people who don't enjoy fighting, but the actual Naruto series is like this—if you want to survive fights against these type of  monsters who seem like they have infinite amounts of of energy, then you HAVE to strategize. Resources will eventually become scarce as you fight, but you'll have to make it work and find a way.

At one point on IMVU you had to work for positions such as clan leader, kage; even techniques had to be earned, but as the years went on most of these practices changed, (unless it was for story elements) and roleplayers started bestowing themselves titles and techhniques they didn't deserve. In my opinion a lot of this killed the exciment for roleplay in later years because you didn't have to earn anything, you just had it. But that won't be the case on windstorm, everything will have to be worked for if you want it that bad.

There may be some of you who are still worried about your artistry, I want you to keep this in mind,  The purpose of this article to say that it definitely exists. Although the site is still be developed day by day so that you can create innovative things that others haven't thought of. I've put a ton of effort into this role-play system so that you ALL can maximize your ideas to the fullest extent.

Now that the tough part is out of the way, these are some small things you can look forward too, as well prepare yourself for. The amount of ryo you collect actually matters here, so tasking yourself with missions is important if you want better gear or more slots. A lot of your roleplay information like biographies to custom techniques, clans, and weapons will have to go through a processing phase to be given the green light for rp — and just to be honest, some of the things made by the IMVU Community who love combat  might face a lot of decline in the beginning of your stay here because the idea was too outlandish. On a good note you'll have the Circuit battle sub-forum to do whatever you want when it comes to fighting.

Hope you enjoyed the artricle


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