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How To Treat The Site

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[+] Treating The Site
I've put so much work into this forum that it isn't funny,  I'm not going to lie, I've had some on and off years with it because I lost interest at times, but ultimately the need to have something of my own combined with my passion for roleplay surfaced again. This article is a shoutout to potential scum bags that disrespect site.

If you're here to find loop holes in the system and exploit them when you obviously know you shouldn't, get out. I have no tolerance for people who do this, and I'm not going to argue with anyone who doesn't like my ideas because there are a ton of forums out there, join them or make your own. I only need to be surrounded by people who can offer ideas with good intention in mind, along with the proper social skills to do such. On another note, I want to discuss meta-gaming because it is a huge issue that is vexing for a lot roleplayers.

Let me start by saying there is nothing more absolutely annoying than someone who cannot stick to the theme of their character, and I'm not just talking about their personality. I have seen too many role-players change their RPC's personality type just to win a fight, there is something you need to understand, you and your character are two different entities, your character will not know what you know OOC wise. You need to roleplay your character accordingly to what they know and have seen.  Whenever people like Shikamaru, Kakashi, and Sasuke fight against their opponents, they have to analyze their techniques, movements, and understand patterns to get a grasp of the enemies skill. There is an article created by @dismayzie that describes how I feel about Metagaming, be sure to read this this. 

Please...for the love of god, do not come to my site cherry picking words from the thesaurus you haven't bothered to read the definition of. Just because it is a synonym of a word you chose does not mean it is appropriate for the current context in which you are trying to give it. Stop. Trying. To. Look. Smart, you look foolish. Just because someone does not understand what you're saying is not their fault, and does not mean they have poor reading levels. If you have more than ten people telling you that your writing is bad, or needs work, you need better writing skills because your current practice of words is starting to get noobish'.

There's also a difference between writing with poetry that can be comprehended, and writing it in a way that is convoluted, don't be one of those guys trying to cover it up by saying your writing skill is on another level. No, what you need to do is take your ass on google and learn how to write a proper sentence for clarity. Roleplay is meant to be clear and nothing else. I don't care about your "hands" because if you're doing all that just to win, you were never great to begin with, buddy. 

Here's another article written by @dismayzie on people who like to cherry pick words from a thesaurus. 

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