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Youjo vs Jonetsu

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1 Youjo vs Jonetsu on Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:48 pm





Fukidashi Desert (lit: blowing Sabaku 砂漠) , other known as Fukidashi Sabaku, or howling sands is a famous landscape that is is located north east of sungakure within the wind country. It is full of malformed rocky structures that stand 5 to 20 meters high; while some locations are in broad day light, it is difficult to see at times due to large collections of sand being carried by the wind which can hinder vision.

Order of Posts
—'Youjo' vs 'Jonetsu uchiha'—

●Standard T1 Rules Jonin Level characters ● 72 hrs

Defualt Weather
Sunny 67 degrees Celsius ● Wind-speed 30 km/h

Battle field, and graphics made by Shinobi, images were gathered from google, everything is free of use.

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2 Re: Youjo vs Jonetsu on Mon Mar 28, 2016 8:13 pm

The Scorching hot sun beamed down on the inhabits of the dry wasteland, bones laid in soft warm gains of rice known as sand. Reaching miles and miles, sand covered the landscape; no escape. One breathing would struggle due to the lack of oxygen, what oxygen that wasn't burned away was fueled with heat and sand that flowed in the atmosphere. In the distance one could spot a bird flying towards a mountain structure in the far distance, must've been water or some type of shelter in the mountain. Perhaps an oasis of some sort. Despite all this, a soul's visual prowess was taking in the landscape, inch by inch, sand by sand. Memorizing how the sand flowed and landed on the earthen soil. An mental note was made in the mind (This sand, the thickness would clearly hinder visual prowess.. My opponent must have some sort of trick in order.) This note would be usefully later on during the battle.

As the warm wind came wrapping around the fabrics of clothing, clothing of which attached to a figure marching across the sand. Prior to crossing the border line into the Land of Wind, this soul had already ditched his normal clothing and went with something more suitable for the landscape. A light high-collar tunic shirt that was colorized yellow, with tan shorts and bandages starting at the knees and traveling down to the toes. Upon his feet were sandals, brown sandals. Bandages wrapped around his hands, forearms and upper shoulder area. Extending from his crown were long beautiful crimson locks, flowing with each passing step. The blue jewels that laid in his eye sockets had nearly finished searching the area.

While sweat traveled from the peak of his crown, formulating underneath the straw hat pressed to his crown - providing shade to his face. If someone came behind him, one would notice the various (4) scrolls attached to his pouches. In both pouches where standard shinobi tools. His arms shifted into the depths of his pockets, latching onto something in the depth. It was clear he had something hidden in his pockets. Telling from the color of this male's hair one could already see that he was from the famous Uzumaki Clan. His soft peachy skin lips curved into a breathless smile in unison with his posture changing. This man was known as Youjo Uzumaki; The Demon Sealer of Konohakgaure

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3 Re: Youjo vs Jonetsu on Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:49 pm




"The only thing you deserve is death for being so weak"

Ravenous for conquest, he sought many to indoctrinate him to exalt his dexterity and aptitude for battle, winsome victory is all Jonetsu hankered. Skewed and hush on his left was a fabulous 30 inches of silver metal transfixed on a towering, rocky structure of 30 meters. The sun's luminosity radiated a luster of creamy tint from the blade to the open, one could not simply define what, or who was. The blade was aligned with the sun's blinding beam of light, and beside that light was a black, humanoid silhouette standing at 5'8 inches, weighing 157lbs. Fukidashi's bluster, and sweltering wind made it almost impractical for the human ears to garner normal sound waves; as the streams of wind soaring west combed Jonetsu's short, raven-black hair, it uncovered his cold, black eyes that resembled an endless abyss of deprivation. While looking off to the distance, Jonetsu spotted a tromping figure; due to the distance, Jonetsu fabricated 5% of stamina, and chakra to cover his left eye. He used spared layer of energy to magnify his ocular competency, what Jonetsu was looking at was a crimson headed, muscular male, for now there was negligible things that could be surmised. One was he was possibly Uzuamki, and constructed from that he was stunning with fuinjutsu, the second was his strength, but it was safe to assume he lacked in the department of agility with such muscle mass.

A sigh slipped from Jonetsu as he rolled his eyes, the feeling of disappointment hovered him the moment he realized who the enemy was. A fellow member, and a rival of Konohagakure, the Demon Sealer, or the name Jonetsu bestowed him, baka, and block head. A smirk danced its way on the Uchiha's pale, smooth face many women found irresistible, he folded his arms while grains of sand brushed his blue shirt. Under it were refined muscles rugged enough to absorb enhanced physical strength, and spiritually blunt attacks. Wrapped around his waist, and located to the lower back-region meeting Jonetsu's waist were five, three pronged kunai, of which only one wasn't issued an explosive tag. He lowered himself, and began to devise an intricate plan  approaching the opponent with an immense display of speed to the point it seemed to be space-time ninjutsu to Youjo. Jonetsu stood once again, and patted the sand off him, he also tapped the sand off his stuffed ninja pouch. It was stocked with 40 contrived shuriken tethered to wire, and to follow up, there were 20 explosive kunai placed in the healthy pouch as well.

He walked to the edge of the rocky structure and decided to test the sensory, and evasive capabilities Youjo had. If he was as 'skilled' as he felt he was, evading this should have been un-challenging for him, Jonetsu extended his right arm having his palm face the sky. His hand embraced the surrounding heat which could have been compared to HIS vehemence, a  savage tempest secreted his small frame as he analyzed the opponent, Jonetsu was able to see Youjo's defeat before it transpired. An amass of crimson chakra covered the region around Jonetsu making it 
laborious to visually see him, his feral, and governed chakra fashioned a facsimile, dissembling it to become an 8 foot spear of execution. The dominant, crimson hue of chakra disgorging from it tarnished the sun's rays of light for the time being. The baleful might being held in the palm of his hand held properties of heat, but importantly it could easily pierce through chakra, and high-concentrated forms of chakra as well. 

"This is where you die you damn block-head" Jonetsu whispered to himself, the blitz of metaphysical energy being squeezed was now launched with all his might, amining it towards the antagonist's chest. The surrounding wind was enough to amp the spears velocity causing it to reach 400 MPH, the spear ate through the distance like a wild beast. The closer it got, the more blinding it would become as well, but even at a distance of 17 meters it was blinding to the point a person could only see white. K
eeping one's eyes open should have been impossible, and closing them would lead to death once the spear connected. If he attempted to block the spear, or use some form of energy to block, Youjo was going to be in a world of misfortune, but even if he evaded, he still had surprises to come. Shortly after the spear was blasted from the rocky structure, the fire, wind, and lightning style user's physical, and spiritual presence was eradicated, he would only be revealed once the opponent proved he was worthy enough.

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4 Re: Youjo vs Jonetsu on Sat Apr 02, 2016 2:57 am

Tracing, mapping each piece in unsion with the structure of a puzzle being made in the physic mental abyss. In flawless 0.03 seconds of the chakra that was conjured by his opposer - the challenger had already devised a plan to counter all assaults crafted in a 400m radius. In order to defend against something of nature one would need to understand the unique teaching of sealing techniques. Visual orbs came in contact with the male while still increasing his radius by tromping atop of the hot sand. The sand everlasting; collecting on the fabrics of his clothing. In the time frame Youjo had came in a comfortable radius - the opposer had already devise his own technique. The chakra flow inside the technique was more than unique, rare in fact. Such skill for this little man, it would need praise if Youjo survived!

Failure. The moment the male had thrown his spear crafted from chakra was his own downfall. One who didn't understand the hidden logic behind a shinobi who'd mastered sensory-skills to the fullest was in a world of a trouble. Washing over the world was a dull blacken world crafted from the abyss of one's mind. His physic projected the spear in slow motion traveling towards his entity - having someone watching from the outside world could see the motion of the foolish male hand raising in the atmosphere! His speed was moderated - moving front of the intending piercing point. In mere seconds the spear had connected and a explosion of sand and dust had been the cause and effect!

Prior to Youjo moving his hand in front of his chest area - activiating a unique seal with a uncommon hand seal that would call for 10% of his chakra from his internal energies. The speed and prowess behind this seal was beyond any shinobi had witness. Naturally with the speed and mapping/following of such a technique even Youjo didn't have the full time to conjure the fullest of his technique. Shattering in unsion with dust cloud clearing a purplish hue color barrier could be seen breaking while the caster stood behind. Upon his arm (left) blood ran from the fingers while the fabrics covering his torso and left thigh was completely blown away. Quick in the art of eyes would notice that his vessel had slide back several feet from his previous location. Blood racing from the side of his head was now dripping onto the sandy desert floor. A smirk curved onto his lips - his eyes traced the surroundings. He couldn't feel the presences of the attacker anymore. He went into hiding! Playing dirty tricks! This was a foolish method of cat and mouse!

Sealing Method: Demon Art Eater:
Sealing Method: Demon Art Eater (Lit Meaning; "Demonic Sealing") Is a scared art that allows the caster to craft, or conjure a seal through using an uncommon hand-seal known to the shinobi world. Upon crafting the hand-seal the user would normally need to provide blood in order to activate the seal. However in some cases blood has been shown to be taken during the formation of the seal. Demon Art Eater is a seal that can consume the purist of chakra - absorbing the chakra from life-forms or attacks. This seal can be placed on living creatures - while being able to be used a shield. However the formation is needed - without the time the caster can still be dealt a decent amount of damage.

The crimson haired male didn't waste time, while his eyes swayed from left too right searching for any chakra signatures. His vessel moved at moderate speeds cross the landscape, raising his hand (Right) near his mouth he would bite into his thumb - spilling his own blood and preforming several hand-seals that required no less then a small amount of chakra. A white cloud had formed and faded into nothingness emearging from the white smoke cloud was a male wearing new clothing. In the new - his shirt was the same color while he wore metal petals cross his body, towards his nether region were tan pants with blacken boots. Coming to a swift halt with his legs spread five inches apart, his hands slamming together in unison.

In 0.04 seconds his hands where spreading apart with a seal being crafted; however the seal was also releasing something out of its hold. An widen smile came cheek to cheek. In mere seconds a weapon so deadly had came into reality, the very fabrics of time and space where breaking in order to summon this creature of destruction. An faint voice could be heard oozing from the Uzumaki's throat.

"Demon Art: Reverse Summoning, Scythe Conjuring!"

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5 Re: Youjo vs Jonetsu on Tue Apr 12, 2016 6:42 pm




"The only thing you deserve is death for being so weak"


Demise, it was the only pertinent word for the cataclysmic situation, the true intentions of this warrior's strategy was so covert and detrimental it could annihilate a god, and the morale of his righteous army. Whether one had expertise of vast cognizance or not wouldn't matter, because such a talent needed aid from things like agility, speed, and maybe strength could account for timing. A blood-dripping curtain of death quietly hung over Youjo because eradication was soon to transpire, and blow up in his face. And after that, any sensation being metaphysically absorbed for awareness purposes would prove crippling to his mental health, he was going to find out soon enough why Jonetsu was considered to be the King of the heartless. 

Due to the fact Youjo was inadequate to briskly construct his jutsu, and follow up with cleverness while being in the eye of the storm said an amass of things about his character. 10 percent...it was far from enough to save him from the coffin he was about to thrown, and buried in. Even though his technique was structured specifically around the absorption of chakra, it didn't matter, there were a sundry of things Youjo miscalculated about the glowing spear of light. Just as it came in contact with the antagonist's executed technique, the spear erupted into a death-dealing, immense explosion that quickly ate away at a radius of 6 meters in nano-seconds. To follow up, the impact from the explosion ejected 1019 Kilograms of force; Such an eruption of power would make it difficult for the absorption technique to work effectively, and almost useless now.

The spear roared into an ear totaling, and burst of ruinous energy that shifted to dancing flames,  before the spear had a chance to be digested by Youjo's jutsu, the sheer impact, and heat waves releasing from it was enough to deal mortal wounds. At that there was already existing damage Youjo chose to take from the spear he assumed he could absorb, or reduce the attack power of. The mass of strength from the offense caused sand within a 9 meter radius to wildly scatter every where, and along with that there was smoke with the addition of wind carrying the sand which made it nearly impossible for one to see through with natural means. Only those with unique dojutsu or ability could properly function in the thickness of everything.

At the time of the explosion, the spear spit out Jonetsu who hid within it, he was ejected at a speed of 150 MPH, and angled towards the ground. As his feet came into collision with the ground, as he slid back he looked around seeing everything being blown away, and it would only be logical if Youjo was blown away as well since he had fallen victim to remaining in the same spot to absorb the attack; Jonetsu wouldn't be surprise if part of the opponent's body was blown to bits. Without hesitancy, Jonetsu reached towards the back of his waist grabbing two kunai, all that was left was to display his finesse for a follow up. He quickly juiced his body with a pulsating explosion of jolting chakra which expelled from the base of his sandals expanded to a 5 meter radius; the display of ferocious chakra was a definition of his strength, he wanted Youjo to feel and comprehend it so he could understand that this fight was serious. 

Jonetsu expected Youjo to be inured from the violent assault, but if he was the skilled fighter everyone knew him to be, there should have been no difficulty standing back up and fighting with the heart of a shinobi. 

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