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8 Gates System

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1 8 Gates System on Sun Apr 03, 2016 3:35 pm



The Eight-Gates is described as a form of Taijutsu, the Ultimate Taijutsu. The key to unlocking each one requires rigorous and astute training. As seen within the anime, the Eight-Gates takes a great toll upon the body. These are things to bare in mind when attempting to use or otherwise unlock them. There will be strict limitations set for this, characters such as Rock Lee and, Might Guy are exceptions when addressing who can unlock each gate at specific levels . 

To provide reference and understanding to where your stamina should be to even maintain these Eight-Gates, I will provide a screen-shots from the Naruto Data Book of both Kakashi & Might Guy. It is noted several times throughout the anime that, Guy has inhume amounts of stamina, the same can be said for Rock Lee, as their physical prowess is unmatched by his peers at his rank as a Genin being able to unlock five of the Eight Gates. A feat said by even Kakashi himself to be highly exceptional. Unlocking each gate, a user must at least progress in raw physical strength and endurance training to each this.

Opening/Healing: 200-200 word count to unlock this set. 
Life/Pain: 400-400 word count to unlock to unlock this set. 
Limit/View: 500-500 word count to unlock this set.
Wonder/Death: 600-900 word count to unlock this set. 

Might Guy:


Kakashi even with all his feats simply does not measure up to Guy physically. For one to achieve and unlock each gate, their must be a significant development in their stamina. The strenuous impact from the aftermath of its usage is excruciating to say the least, therefore you must train your body to be able to withstand the intensity. Therefore, Shinobi at different links are only allowed to learn to specific gates to prevent the overuse of this technique. 

Genin/Chunin: At least 1-3.
Special Jonin: At least 1-5.
Jonin/Anbu: At least 1-6. (1-8 with some exceptions.)
Sanin/Sage/Kage: At least 1-8.

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