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Kage Information

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»To be considered for such an important role, you need to take yourself and how you role-play seriously. We won't just be choosing anyone to become a Kage, you need to qualify as someone we find legit for the title. As the role-play furthers, it will be on the Hokage and the council to recommend the new Kage to the Daimyo.

●You NEED to be ACTIVE.
●Must have extensive knowledge about Naruto and the village you control.
●Good communication skills are needed for this role, both IC, and OOC.
You are responsible for creating missions.
●A role-play sample will be required, it can be a battle post or something you find of quality that YOU did.
You are responsible for keeping your village lively.

●You will be given moderator powers within YOUR village.
●You can make a bingo book any where in your country.
●You have the power to issue missions to all ninja.
You can set up the chunin exams how you wish (will also be governed by forum mods.)
●You can choose anyone to be your right hand man.
●Each village needs a submission thread for members who want to submit missions. If the Kage fails to do this, or there isn't a current kage, mods will create a section for you. (Konoha's mission thread(s) example)
●Kage position for a character will be active for 5 months. 
●Kage have the authority to bring a new Kage into power after talking to the Daimyo.

●Kage are allowed to create mini events for their villages (Mini Events are still under development.)

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»Each clan has its head man or woman in charge. To be elected as your clan's representative, there will be similar requirements like kage when electing you. 

●You lead your clan and have the power to issue missions to people within your clan as long as it follows the logic of your country. It would be best to seek approval from the Kage. (Or you can plot against your village)

●You are responsible for helping the Kage with missions, events, and plots for the village. 

●You are responsible for innovating new things such as locations and organization in the village or your clan's district.

●You will be given moderator powers for specific sub-forums during your leadership.

●As clan leader might be selected for council.

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