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Biography Templates

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— RULES — 
Biographies will have update cycles. These updates consist of journeys, relationships, element natures, summonings', affiliations, and more. Everyone is allowed to structure their biographies how they want, however everyone one has to follow the bio template. Do your best to not slack up on your information, it is imperative you keep everything updated as best as you can, or whenever you get to it. When you create topic titles for bios, move-sets, and shinobi data, you are allowed to name them whatever you desire, just follow the rules and guidelines.

The character biography is simple and self-explanatory in some areas. This guideline is also going to cover minor details about shinobi data, movesets, links, and other important things that need to be tied to your RPC.

The first part of this section outlines the entry age(s) for all of your ranks. While the second part (Ranks D-S) revolve around how many missions you have completed.  Make sure you keep track of everything you've done.

Upon joining the forum you are given a basic ninja pouch/kit (10 shuriken, 5 Kunai). Unless you have a kekkei genkai that allows you to transform like the Juugo clan, do not fill this out. Do not add custom weapons, or general weapons to your bios if they haven't been registered through purchase or approval. 

―Biography Updates―
Whenever you make an update for your biography, whether it be a simple edit, or an add-on of new and relevant information, you have to make an update in a new post under your Story Board to let staff know what you changed. These updates have to be recorded in your Shinobi Data as well.

―Links & Data―
Once your biography gets approved by a member of staff, your second post will hold a set of links.There must be a link to your Shinobi Data, Move-Sets, Weapons, Accessories, and ect. Some of the text fields that you see at the bottom will have already been in your bio, the reason for their re-occurrence is for organization and navigational purposes.

Village: What village does this character reside in?
Rank: Please type your actual rank on the site. Your rank is telling of your existing chakra pool.
Shinobi Data: Provide a link
Move-Set: Provide a link, shop tech should be included.
Weapons: Provide a link to your approved weapons in the submission thread, or provide a link to a post that is dedicated to your weapon arsenal. Your weapons and any other items should NOT be grouped in with your move-sets that revolve around jutsu. Keep everything neat and separate as possible.
Accessories: Provide a link to your approved accessories, shop items included.
Drugs: Provide a link to drug submissions, shop items included.
Pet: A link to your approved pet needs to be here.
Clan: Provide a link to your clan information.
Organization: Provide a link to your organization.
Ninja Points: Your total balance of NP is needed.

―Story Board―
After your bio is approved by staff, the third post within your bio topic will consist of your character's recorded events. You can only have ONE post for a story board. Your story boards can be customized to your liking, but more importantly, an SB (Story Board) should be a reflection of major events, minor events, missions, and anything else you feel that is important to your character's story/history. As you create titles/chapters for your SB, there should be reference links to these stories to make sure everything can be fact checked in case staff needs to research your character. 

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Part two will go into detail about biographical rules, it will also cover shinobi data, and move set information. Finally, part 2 of this guide will cover a list of other precepts upon completion of your bios.

―Biography Rules―
For most people, bios are the biggest drag when it comes to creating characters, irritating word counts don't help this either. I suggest you follow this guide and take your time when you are creating your character because it can be something fun. Don't EVER make a character into a tool for combat because you will only get something bland for a final product. Create your character with depth as if you are writing an actual book. Acquire knowledge to develop them further than what they currently are. STICK TO YOUR PERSONALITY, this introduction is meant to be short, but before we go any further, please, stick to your character's personality, their traits and their flaws. It's annoying to role-play with someone who isn't role-playing their RPC as they were written, don't be one of those guys!

 Biography Rules

•Under no circumstances can you create a canon character from the Naruto Series, face claims and names are included. This also means that your character cannot choose to have a family relation, or ANY TYPE of dealings with canon characters. It is forbidden!

  • The canon rule only applies to the Naruto & Boruto series, separate entities that are related to anime and manga can be used on this site, for example you are allowed to make characters called Kenshin Himura.

  • If your RPC bares resemblance and shares the name of another character from a different series, you need to claim their name and face in the character vault. There cannot be two Kenshin Himuras, or Monkey D. Luffys in the roleplay. 

•You cannot use real-life characters in this role-play. Keep it strictly anime and manga.
•You can only have TWO characters and ONE NPC at a time.
•Please, try to stick to the laws of Naruto when it comes to clans, techniques, ect, because anything absurd on your end will have to be revised.

 You will start the role-play with 0 EXP.
 All members start with 20 NP.
 Canon characters are banned and will be deleted if you submit one.
 You cannot start the role-play with any special abilities unless it was given through a perk.
 You are given a basic ninja pouch that holds 10 shuriken and 5 kunai.
 Uzumaki Clan starts with +120 Chakra. (Titanic Life Force)
 Senju Clan starts with +100 Chakra. (Titanic Life Force)
 Register your face claim (FC) as fast as you can, you don't need a bio to do this. Link
 You must have a character for 1 MONTH before killing them off.
 You can reincarnate previous skills and weapons that your character had to a new character. You still have to dice roll for your new character.
 Upon bio completion you will receive 600 Ryo.
 You start with 1 E rank jutsu, and 1 D rank jutsu.
When you create a move-set, you are free to customize it how you want. The most important thing to remember when creating a move set is organization. Mods needs to be able to read through your move sets with ease, not confusion. Try to keep everything grouped to a single post, jutsu, taijutsu, weapons, drug enhancements, transformations, ect need to have their individual post if that is how you envision setting your MS up; keep everything to a specified area. Like bios, Move sets have to be approved once you create your introduction post.

―Shinobi Data―
Shinobi Data is your log, all information relevant to your character will be found here. OOC and IC activities that involve the role-play should be recorded to your data topic. Things like purchases, Ninja Points, edits, battles, approvals, and ect should be recorded if you want your prizes. More information can be learned here. Like Bios and Move-Sets, your shinobi data needs a sign of approval so we can make sure you're doing everything correctly.

Signatures are simple, but they are crucial to have when it comes to our site. After you have your biography, shinobi data, and move-set approved, you need to set up your signatures with the following. Biography, Shinobi Data, Move-Set, Experience Points, Ninja Points, and Ryo. Having these things up to date is important because it lets myself and staff do our jobs effectively when it comes to helping you out if a situation should occur.
✪Statistics Guide and Example✪

Your statistics should always be found in your Bio, Shinobi Data, and Move-Sets. Stats HAVE to be listed in the first post for your Move-Set and Shinobi Data. When you're sorting through your stats, number DO NOT need to be by themselves, for example a plus sign (+) and a number (+20) doesn't make sense when it stands on its own. It doesn't make sense because no one knows where that value even came from, what looks better is this.

30<---The first number is usually the base of your chakra Pool and doesn't need to be explained (+5 Strength Gem) <---The +5 and Strength Gem let's staff know why you have +5 strength and where it came from. If you have other attributes to add on to your physical capabilities then it should be added to your stats in a way that makes sense and is easy to comprehend.

✘ Incorrect 
30 (+5)

✔ Correct
30 (+5 Strength Gem, +5 Perk) = 40 Strength

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