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Traveling Rules

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— In the world of Naurto Windstorm, shinobi will be forced to travel if they want steady incomes, strength, and rank. When a character travels to another country, they need to make a travel thread within a travel board that consists of 300 words and 3 posts. Before reaching a new country, you have to post in YOUR country's travel board first, or wherever you are at the time. After that, you need another 300 words and 3 posts when entering a new country's travel board. After that, you will proceed to the specific country's gate/entrance to be greeted. For every post counted towards your traveling withing the travel boards, you will be given 20 ryo for each post.

Other Rules:
► Characters can only be in one country at a time.

► While within these villages/countries, you can be in five threads at a time.

► If you're traveling from your country to another, you don't have to follow a specific order based on how the forum/sub-forums are set up. The choice is left in the hands of players.

► Characters with space-time ninjutsu can simply teleport where they wish, but it will cost them an amount of chakra that is equal to the rank of the skill they used to transport themselves with. For techniques that don't require chakra, these users can simply teleport freely, however, they will only be able to do it 3 times a day. (
If you have flying raijin, use common sense please.

►Character mounts can decrease travel time to 300 words and 2 post.

►Traveling by boat takes 300 words and 4 posts.

Village Invasion:

► Village invasions consist of TWO phases, gate infiltration phase and village infiltration phase. Starting with phase one, all enemies trying to take over, or destroy a village have to create a thread at the village's gates and tag it as "invasion, phase 1" this is where you have to wait two days for someone of that village to respond. Most likely Anbu or Jonin will only be able to enter this topic.

► During phase one, role-players should know both parties are capable of dying. If the targeted shinobi are pushed back and forced to retreat in phase one, that means the invader has the right to enter the village now.

►At the beginning of Invasion, Phase 2 << (Your thread needs to be tagged with that title) you now have the right to set up your attacks within the targeted village. Destroy as many shinobi as you can. If you are successful, the village and all its wealth will be yours, or you could simply obliterate it, leaving the attacked shinobi with no where to live.

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