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Fame Fametitles

Fame points are allocated to a character's fame title, FP (Fame Points) are garnered through Group Events and Standard RP missions. Depending on the rank of the mission, FP will vary, but for events, some individuals will experience different grades of FP based on how they perform during the event.  

The Five Kings
The five kings are titles that will be granted to the first five role-players to reach champion level fame. When role-players are given this title they have a month of immunity from being challenged for their title. When another character reaches this title they will be able to challenge one of the kings—as a king you must accept the challenge. Below you will see the order in which each title falls for the person. 

Red King (Akami Kingu) 1st
Blue King (Souten Kingu) 2nd
Green King (Midori Kingu) 3rd
Gold King (Kogane Kingu) 4th
Silver King (Shirogane Kingu) 5th

Once you reach the requirement of points, please post in the notification thread with a link so you can be granted your title.

Fame Localfame
Local Fame:30 - 200 (You're Barely known, but your name has generated a buzz in a small community of people. Only a few RPC's know of your name and a small amount of what you can do if they have looked into it.

Fame Cityfame
City Level Fame: 200 - 400 (Your name is known within YOUR city/village, however, some people may know your face in other places. Your ability is not to be underestimated)

Fame Regionalfame
Regional Fame: 400 - 600 (Based on where you live, or where your RPC is most seen, he/she has developed a regionally known type of fame within the country for their deeds or destruction. By now, word about you is beginning to spread like wild fire, only a few people will know of you in other zones of your respective nation.)

Fame Regionalking
Regional King: 600 - 1000 (Not only are you known in one zone of your country, but you are known in another for you hard work, whether it be bad or good. You're effort in society has become sizeably noticeable. An amass of people know who you are whether or not you wanted to be famous. If lower ranking ninja come your way, it's best if they turn around because they may die against your prowess.)

Fame National-Fame
National Fame: 1000 - 5000 (The entire country knows of your efforts. Low level scum fear you, and people on your level respect you. You're hired for more jobs if you're a wanderer.)

Fame Inter-National-Fame
International Fame: 5000 - 10,000 (One or Two countries know of your existence and line of work and how well you do it.)

Fame ConFame
Conqueror Fame: 10,000 - 15,000 (Four to five countries know of your commanding presence. Kage fear that you won't come to their country and wreck it. Most criminal organizations want to recruit you, either that, or they will be weary of you.)

Fame Champion-Fame
Champion Fame: 15,000 - 25,000 (Seven Countries know you. At this point, you are a shinobi to be avoided at ALL cost.)

Fame Number1-Fame
Number One Fame: 30k - 50k (The entire shinobi world knows of your existence)

Fame Continental
Continental God: 100k (Word about you has seemingly transcended earth and somewhere else to alien species you will never meet unless they come to earth that is.)

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