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Custom Submission Rulez

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1Custom Submission Rulez Empty Custom Submission Rulez on Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:50 am



General Rules

1. When character techs are approved, update your shinobi data. 

2. The new skill needs to be placed in your character move-set which can be found in this section of the forum. It is called 'Move sets'.

Creating a move-set

3. It is mandatory for you to create a move-set thread in the move-set sub-forum. 

4. You're only allowed to have one move-set thread, we suggest you keep it organized as much as possible, so if we decide to track your previous history of things, your information will be there .

5. Weapons will also be considered as armors, and or accessories.

Custom Submission limits

6. A character can have 100 techniques, but their status must be alive though. 

7. You are allowed to create a total of (5) weapons for a single rpc, the only way a character's weapon arsenal can grow is if they are gifted a weapon or it is stolen. (Also Purchased)

8. The same rules for weaponry apply for accessories and armors. You're only allowed 5 in total.

9. Characters can only carry three to four weapons (excluding kunai, paper bombs, shuriken and other small technologies) on them at a time (there may be exceptions made due to killer bee and his light arsenal.)

Custom Submission cycles, resubmitting and declined.

10. You are allowed to submit FIVE CUSTOMS per week. 

We will check your customs and edit your move with a note at the bottom of your post. If you need to edit, please fix your errors and notify a mod. You can also link a mod to your submission (or edits) in the notification thread

12. If our comment says "Declined; Do Not Resubmit" This means your custom can never be approved and you are not to submit it again. We (Staff) can decline any of your customs without giving you the reason of decline, please respect our time and effort and do not complain about your customs with us. (Small Note: the reason why some abilities may be declined is because they are too far fetched)

13. Custom submissions will be closed EVERY Sunday so that mods can take a break, or take the time to catch up on everything.

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Other Rules

1. We ask that you refrain from making customs that incorporate any of the following: Microscopic/Nanoscopic elements (including nanotechnology) Space-Time manipulation. Refrain from copying other people's techniques, as it is plagiarism and it will get you suspended from custom making. 

2. Do not submit any type of space-time ninjutsu. They can only be earned or bought.

3. Pets can only have 1 armor slot and 1 weapon slot. If an owner of an animal chooses to give their pet any one of these slots, they will lose a slot space for a custom weapon or armor (or both if you are giving them a weapon and armor)

4. Negation techniques and weapons are off limits and can only be won.

5. Do not create any chakra absorption skills, items, weapons, or armors. They can only be won or purchased, (Fuinjutsu is an exception). 

6. Chakra regeneration items cannot be created in ANY custom submission topic. They can only be purchased, won, or made in drug submissions.

7. Weapons, items, or accessories can create permanent chakra and stamina buffs, or temporary ones depending on the item and how it is created.

8. Currently there is a limit on KKG Custom clans. Considering how easily they can wield two elements to create one, we are setting limitations on player submission. There are three categories of KKG and their caps that you can find in the clan submission thread. 

9. You are allowed to submit fuinjutsu, but ALL fuinjutsu must be prepped for at least one post in order to work. Unlike other jutsu you prep, you won't lose additional chakra.

10. Under no circumstances will you have a custom clan related to a canon clan.

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Use this code in the first post of your Move-sets.

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Bio Link:[/b]
[b]Shinobi Data Link:[/b]

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