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A-rank Missions

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Mission Name: War over a child, the land of fires betrayal!?!?
Faction: Chunin and Jonin
Type: Team/Solo Mission
Rank: A Rank Emergency
W.C: 550 W.C (maybe more)
Country: Land of Fire, Konohagakure: Village hidden in the leaf
Destination: Land of Water, Kirigakure: Village hidden in the mist.
Mission Description: The land of sound wish to start war with both the Lands of Fire and Water, they ordered expert ninja from otogakure (Village hidden in the sound) to kidnap the Water Daimyō’s son who by now is at age two, but were ordered to make it look as if Konohagakure was behind the kidnapping. In succeeding the Water Daimyō believes that his son was captured by leaf ninja in the attack and has sent a message to the hokage of Konohagakure that if his son is not found and brought back to him within four days time, they will go on the attack. Luckily with tracker ninja they found that the kidnappers are hiding somewhere in the forest of death, it is up to you to bring the Water Daimyō’s son home unscathed and the kidnappers who impersonated leaf ninja to justice or face war.

Summary: To have made it seem like a leaf ninja kidnapping some three of them are able to use fire style jutsu, two of them earth style jutsu, while the remaining four can use sound jutsu. Now somewhere in the forest of death full of giant insects, snakes, sinkholes and god knows what else. Not to mention that the many other ninja that you may encounter on your way to delivering the son of the Water Daimyō in Kirigakure in four days.


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