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Mainstream Systems Shadowclone
Unique Canon jutsu can only be obtained in role-play events (or shops), custom and purchasable jutsu can be regularly learned through roleplay. If you should be an ineligible rank to perform your acquired jutsu, you'll have to wait for the proper rank for the technique to be used. Everyone is encouraged (and forced) to submit custom techniques to the customs' forum under the role-play category.

Create a training topic within your village or where ever you are at time before using newly submitted skills in actual combat (If you try to use these skills, YOU WILL fail). After you've done that, update it in your shinobi data once everything is approved in mission HQ. Be sure to write a decent story because anything crappy will not be approved.

Just because you are qualified for a technique, meaning that you created it, does not mean you can automatically use it. A role-player has to practice the skill before it can be used in combat; some skills will have to be taught by a teacher, or a person qualified to teach the skill. These people would be Genin - Kage levelSkills made by other players have to be taught to the other player wishing to learn them. Players that want to upload their skills to the shop can do so.

  • E-rank=3 posts
  • D-rank=3 posts
  • C-rank=4 posts
  • B-rank=4 posts
  • A-rank=5 posts
  • S-rank=5 posts

To make training more of a pleasant experience rather than a stale one. I encourage you all to revolve training sessions around a story, it should have some kind of meaningful plot. 

Naruto Windstorm has a limit on how many jutsu a shinobi can obtain, this cap is 100. You will have to purchase more slots in the shop if you desire extra jutsu. There is a standard to what jutsu you can use based on your classification as a shinobi. Your rank determines what kind of jutsu you are capable of performing. 

Mainstream Systems RUwp1NW E-RANK
Someone of this level is considered a soon to be shinobi, though they aren't considered one yet either. An academy student is tasked with the easiest techniques known to man. They are only capable of being taught E rank techniques by anyone of higher rank. 

Mainstream Systems V6QRpGG D-RANK
The lowest rank a shinobi can have, and also the starting career of all shinobi. Most genin do not poses large chakra pools, to counter this they must be suffice and intelligent with how they manage their energy on dangerous missions. A genin can learn D,C, B, and some A rank techniques. D ranks will not drain them too much of their chakra, but C-A can be taxing on them. C-A rank techniques have to be taught to a genin by jonin of any rank. 

Mainstream Systems VdQIZrI C-RANK
A remarkable achievement in the life of a shinobi, not only has a ninja ascended, but they have been mentally hardened from their days as a genin. A shinobi of chunin status is labeled a leader to those that are his equal and to those beneath him. A chunin is capable of performing  E-B rank techniques. They are more qualified to perform C rank techniques and a few A rank jutsu. Chunin are advised to use C-rank jutsu because even though their chakra pool has increased, it can still drain rapidly by them performing jutsu beyond C-rank. Chunin have the capacity to teach themselves E-C rank skills; they must be taught by a jonin, or another chunin for a specific skill they want. This ranges from B to A rank jutsu.

Mainstream Systems JRz7jYb B-RANK
A shinobi who is worthy of Special Jonin status has the ability to lead his team to well-planned victories where there are no tragedies on his team. Being a jonin, one must be the most competent and experienced, but most importantly, even without a team, a shinobi of this remarkable class is usually sent on dangerous missions that could last months. A jonin is capable of teaching himself E-A rank techniques. He has enough chakra to carefully administrate during dangerous battles that could cost his or her life. Jonin are also tasked with teaching their team of lower ranked shinobis jutsu that could possibly range from E-A rank. If a jonin of this status wishes to learn S rank jutsu, they must consult with a higher ranked jonin or member of their village.

Mainstream Systems D9M9iyc A-RANK
These shinobi are ranked higher than the majority, their what we call the big fishes in the sea. Jonin are exceptionally powerful individuals, and can prove to be formidable to an S rank opponent. Jonin are capable of teaching themselves E-S rank jutsu.

Mainstream Systems XfgGb4Y S-RANK
Considered a god of shinobi to many through out the world, individuals of this level are capable of performing jutsu of mass-destruction. They can even create new possibilities; they will send chills down the spines of many enemies. Individuals such as jonin, anbu, sanin, sage and kage are capable of any rank.

If jutsu are on the same rank, common sense and general roleplay knowledge will be factors for who will have the winning jutsu. Fire verses water, water wins. But if more chakra was placed into the fire, it's obvious the fire would win, making the water evaporate. If a jutsu is prepped for a certain amount of posts for devastation, the opponent will need something of equal power to rival it, or slightly under to hinder it. If a jutsu is higher in rank than another jutsu, the higher ranked jutsu will always win. (Jutsu that are prepped will always take 5 Chakra points per post)

If you want to use chakra to strengthen your physical attributes, such things will only last for one post. For example, if you want to raise your speed, it will cost 3 chakra points which will increase your speed points by 3. If you want to increase the power of your jutsu by a few points, you are allowed to pour more into them. Anything with a 5-6+ point difference will beat out attacks lower than it.


Based on the type of jutsu you create (or purchase), you will be subjected to the deductions below.

S-RANK: 100 CP

Chakra Control
By training your chakra control, you will be able to cut any ranks normal requirement by half. You will need to create a training topic doing this. After such is done and you get approved in mission HQ, update everything you need in shinobi data and ect.


Below is a list of word counts to cut your chakra reduction in half when you are training. Be sure to link in the mission HQ when you have completed your training to receive your reward(s).

E-rank=2 Posts
D-rank=3 Posts
C-rank=4 Posts
B-rank=5 Posts
A-rank=6 Posts
S-rank=7 Posts

Prolonged Jutsu

In the naruto verse, characters have experienced transformation techniques, specific dojutsu, or created jutsu that may or may not demand some type of manipulation that is prolonged, an example of this would be as stated, transformations that enhance the user in some form(s). If the technique can still be active after you've summoned it, you have further control over it (another good example, although unrelated to the Naruto series is Yamcha's spirit ball attack) All this means is that your techniques will constantly be drained from your pool of chakra.  When you summon forth your technique it will take the standard amount of chakra needed, but if the technique remains active after you have summoned it, you can look and take notes on the deductions that occur per post for this guide. Be sure to follow this guide when creating custom justu, and pay attention when you are purchasing jutsu from the technique shop, seeing as some skills make sense for this type of thing. 

Normal Chakra Use
E-RANK: 2 CP (-2 per post)
D-RANK: 10 CP (-5 per post)
C-RANK: 40 CP (-10 per post)
B-RANK: 70 CP (-10 per post)
A-RANK: 80 CP (-10 per post)
S-RANK: 100 CP (-10 per post)

Chakra Control
E-RANK: 1 CP (-1 per post)
D-RANK: 5 CP (-2 per post)
C-RANK: 20 CP (-5 per post)
B-RANK: 35 CP (-5 per post)
A-RANK: 40 CP (-10 per post)
S-RANK: 50 CP (-10 per post)

For the sake of the role-play, I will ONLY allow B-S ranks techniques to be cut in half a few more times, but attaining this type of feat is extremely difficult. Before I give any information on how to obtain this, it should be noted that this type of chakra control is more suited for powerful techniques or transformations, but they will always be related to your ninjutsu, or any jutsu in some way. Examples would be the raikage (lightning armor) and other Cloud Ninja who prefers nin-tai types of styles. Another example is Sasuke Uchiha's Blaze release, a final example are the various transformations displayed through out the series like Susano'o. 

Rare Chakra Control + Chakra per post cost
B-RANK: 17 CP (-5 per post) → 8 CP (-4 Per Post) → 4 CP (- 2 Per Post) → 2 CP (- 1 Per Post)
A-RANK: 20 CP (-10 per post) → 10 CP (-5 Per Post) → 5 CP (- 2 Per Post) → 2 CP (- 1 Per Post)
S-RANK: 25 CP (-10 per post) → 12 CP (-5 Per Post) → 6 CP (- 2 Per Post) → 3 CP (- 1 Per Post)

B-S rank have four values that they can be dropped by. Each of these chakra values are EXTREMELY rare to obtain, but the fourth set of numbers are almost impossible, they require much more effort to obtain. These values can be applied to some of your favorite jutsu. These number values are not applied to every B-S rank jutsu you perform, they are only applied to one specific jutsu you choose. For further detail, lets say your B rank technique is at 17, and you upgrade it to an A rank, its chakra cost will obviously be that of A rank and so forth.

If you want to obtain these scarce numbers, you'll have to win it as a "ticket" from an event. These tickets will be called Chakra tickets, their letter and number values will always be associated with each other so players will be aware. Players can use these tickets on themselves, or they can sell them for whatever price they wish, but because they are so rare to come by, you can sell them for a million ryo, or even more.

SideNote: You cannot train rare chakra control, you can only win EACH of them, no matter the rank, as a ticket.

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I would first like to give a simple over-view of chakra nature, this read is optional; however, I still recommend you read it if you're unsure of some things. Let's get stated!


Mainstream Systems T2ah0O9C9bQ


The Five Elements Nature Transformations (五大性質変化, Godai Seishitsu Henka) are the most fundamental chakra natures, which are the foundation of all elemental ninjutsu. They are so vital to the shinobi lifestyle that each of the Five Great Shinobi Countries is named after one of the five. Each nature is naturally weaker than one nature and stronger than another:

  • Fire Release (火遁, Katon) is strong against Wind but weak against Water.

  • Wind Release (風遁, Fūton) is strong against Lightning but weak against Fire.

  • Lightning Release (雷遁, Raiton) is strong against Earth but weak against Wind.

  • Earth Release (土遁, Doton) is strong against Water but weak against Lightning.

  • Water Release (水遁, Suiton) is strong against Fire but weak againstEarth.

If an elemental technique is put against another elemental technique of the same level, but of a stronger nature, then the technique with the superior nature will prevail. However, a technique with a weaker nature can overpower a technique with a stronger nature if the former is of a higher level. For example, fire can overpower a water technique if it is first strengthened by a wind technique.

A similar principle applies in how technique of the same element interact, what is called counterbalancing (相殺, Sōsai). If two techniques of the same nature and the same level are used against each other, they will cancel each other out, as when Lightning Release: False Darkness is deflected with Lightning Cutter


In general, every person's chakra has an affinity towards one of the five basic nature transformations. Affinity can at times be genetic, or at least common to a particular family; most members of the Uchiha clan have an affinity towards the Fire nature.One's affinity can be determined using pieces of paper made from a special type of tree that is grown and fed with chakra: when the paper is exposed to even the slightest hint of chakra, it will react according to the chakra's latent nature:

  • Fire: the paper will ignite and turn to ash.
  • Wind: the paper will split in two.
  • Lightning: the paper will wrinkle.
  • Earth: the paper will turn to dirt and crumble away.
  • Water: the paper will become wet/damp.


Nature Transformation (性質変化, Seishitsu Henka, English TV: Change in Chakra Nature) is an advanced form of chakra control that entails the molding and defining of one's chakra into an innate kind of chakra nature, altering its properties and characteristics for use in techniques. Nature transformation is one of two necessary components for creating or modifying a technique, the second component being shape transformation. While nature transformation changes the nature of the chakra, shape transformation changes the actual form and movement, altering its abilities.

Shinobi have an easier time learning to create and control chakra natures that match their affinity, although even then it may take any number of years. Shinobi are not limited to the nature they have an affinity for, and it is in fact common for jōnin to have mastered two natures. Although it is technically possible to master all five natures, it is very rare because of how much of training is involved; Madara Uchiha, Hiruzen Sarutobi,Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, , Kakashi Hatake, and Orochimaru are the only shinobi known to have done so via normal means. Other methods of acquiring all five natures include:

  • Possession of the Rinnegan.
  • Usage of Six Paths Senjutsu
  • Usage of the Truth-Seeking Balls.
  • Using Earth Grudge Fear to gather hearts with other chakra natures.
  • In the anime, Fūka got them by stealing others' chakra, though due to the accumulated amounts surpassing one body's limits, she had to divide them in various combinations in multiple bodies.
  • In Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire, it was stated one who absorbs five kekkei genkai with the Chimera Technique would gain a mastery over all five natures.
  • In Naruto Shippūden: Dragon Blade Chronicles, Naruto gets the Dragon Blade, which allows him to use all five natures.


Mainstream Systems 2000px-Chakra-Naruto-diagram-en.svgBy using two or three basic natures simultaneously, one can create a completely new nature with unique properties that wouldn't exist on its own. However, doing this requires a kekkei genkai or, if three natures are used, a kekkei tōta. In the anime, it is further stated that those with the ability to combine the elemental nature transformations possess an affinity for the chakra natures they must simultaneously use.

Besides your first element being a word count, the second to fifth elements require more of a story with reasonable detail. This is not something to rush because in the naruto series, gaining elements on top of your natural affinity is extremely difficult. It should also be noted that you WILL need someone of a higher rank than you to teach you these elements if you're a genin; these teachers must be able to perform said element as well. If you can't find anyone, just use an NPC.(Shadow Clone jutsu will not cut down your training)

First Element

  • 400 Word count to train your element.
  • Your first element is something you must dice roll for. Uchiha and Sarutobi clan members will naturally be geared to learn fire jutsu first. For everyone who wants a second element and up, dice rolls won't be a deciding factor anymore. You're free to apply for what you want. (Other canon clans will naturally be geared towards their natural elements. Be sure to start with such if this information applies to you.) Dice roll apps can be found here.

Second Element

  • 5 posts for training 
  • Must be chunin or higher for two elements

Third Element

  • 7 Post for training
  • Jonin or higher for three elements

Fourth Element

  • 10 posts for training
  • Sanin or higher for four elements

Fifth Element

  • 10 posts for training
  • Kage for five elements

Individuals who want canon Kekkei Genkai will apply for what they want, it will be located in the Kekkei Genkai! topic. First come, first served. If you create a custom clan that possess Kekkei Genkai, you will naturally have two nature elements, make sure the mixture of elements align with the KKG you are using. Just because you have nature transformation KKG does not mean you can use those two said elements that make up your affinity, in other words, they are currently locked. You will have to work the same as everyone else to unlock them; that means you still need to follow this element system set in place.

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Role-players have the option of having a pet, this should not be confused with a summoning. Pets can assist shinobi on missions, training sessions, events, anything really. When we think of pets we should think of Kiba and Shino, so feel free to be creative with what you make. Your animals can range from many types of things, but stay away from SPECIFIC animals. I'll let your common sense work here, but an example would be something mythical, like a phoenix which would be more appropriate for a summoning and sage mode.

Pet Rules
Known animal/insect species can only be used as pets.
Pets can posses ONE basic element.
You must dice roll for your pet's element, and the pet has to train to awaken the element.
A shinobi/civilian can only have one pet at a time until their active one passes away, the Aburame clan is excluded from this.
If your clan is known to have a specific animal that is used, you will be subjected to that animal.
Animals will not have advanced elements.
Pets can only have 1 armor slot and 1 weapon slot. If an owner of an animal chooses to give their pet any one of these slots, they will lose a slot space for a custom weapon or armor of their own. (or both if you are giving them a weapon and armor)
Pets have their own chakra pools which cap at 390 and cannot grow past this unless the owner earns some type of rare item. 
⌦Pets start with 25 chakra.
⌦Pets can have up to 50 jutsu, more jutsu slots can be bought for them in the shop.
⌦Pets are allowed 1 free jutsu upon creation.
⌦Pets have to be submitted to the custom pet topic for approval.

Pet Chakra Pools And Increasion
If you are beginning with a fresh role-play character and decide you want a pet, that pet's chakra pool will be identical to yours, or close to it if we factor in a perk you might've taken upon the start of your journey, or earned during it. This method is the best because it's natural and easy, it also portrays a clear connection between the owner and pet as the two grow together and become one. As your rpc ranks up, your chakra pool will increase, the same goes for your pet. For an example let's say your chakra pool is around 100 and you adopt a new pet, that pet's chakra pool will be at the default starting point which is 25 CP. It'll be your job to strengthen your pet to it's full potential of chakra which is a lot of work, but it is worth it in the long run. Pet's benefit from the same XP and chakra system as anyone else. If you don't take your pet on missions or do activities that involve exp with them, they will not rank up and get stronger.

Pets will undergo the Ninja Point system like humans, they will also be able to begin with their own 20 NP at the start of the RP, however after that, the owner of the pet has the option to share their NP with their pet when they feel like it. Understand that owners have to share their NP with the pet and that a pet cannot earn NP, it can only be given points. The categories for a pet are Strength, Seed, and 20+ Perception (All pets will have a free +20 for their perception.)


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Anyone is eligible for a transplant of any kind for powers they want to achieve, individuals in the narutoverse have been known to obtain kekkei genkai that was only exclusive to a clan, or a specific person. Depending on how your transplant or injury surgery goes, it will be followed up by a recovery system where your RPC has to rest before they go back into the field. The skill level of your doctor/medical ninja will depend on how long you're out of commission. For medical nin that want to take the medical test, you can either go to your local village, or go to ninja updates medical nin sign up. If your village has a place to take the test, sign up and take it there. When everyone takes the test it has to be done through RP, sign up threads MUST BE ESTABLISHED.

D-rank medical nin 
— Unable to perform transplants.
— Takes 5 days (real time) for patient to fully recover.
— Heal 10 people to reach rank c

■ C-rank medical nin 
— Able to perform transplants
— Takes 5 days (real time) for patient to fully recover.
— Perform 20 surgeries B rank.

■ B-rank medical nin 
— Able to perform transplants
— Takes 4 days (real time) for patient to fully recover.
—Perform 20 surgeries reach A rank.

■ A-rank medical nin 
— Able to perform transplants
— Takes 3 days (real time) for patient to fully recover.
—Perform 20 surgeries to reach S rank.

■ S-rank medical nin 
— Able to perform transplants
— Takes 2 days (real time) for patient to fully recover.

Sidenote: Surgeries can be performed on NPC's. This system is also set in place for injured ninja who need to spend time out of action due to their serious injuries from missions. Dojutsu transplants don't need time off, they can continue to roleplay as is. 

Becoming a medical ninja is an easy task that can be taken by anyone at anytime in their respective country. There must be someone of high status, or authority to qualify the aspiring medical ninja. Med ninja are to be tested on medical information by showing they know the 4 laws by heart. The test can only be taken at your local hospital.

1. No medic ninja shall ever stop medical treatment until the lives of their party members have come to an end.

2. No medic ninja shall ever stand on the front lines. 

3. No medic ninja shall ever die until they are the last of their platoon.

4. Only those medic ninja who have mastered the Strength of a Hundred Technique of the ninja art, Creation Rebirth are permitted to discard the above-mentioned laws.

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Mainstream Systems Ninpoints
Ninja Points (NP) can be earned from a training system. NP are points that can be allocated to a character's overall physical attributes, you can only earn up to 15 points every Tuesday, that's every week you'll get a reset on your points. When collecting  Ninja points, your training should have its own unique topic created by you. You are allowed to add other role-players into a NP topic as well. 

► Strength

Strength is how physically powerful your character is. The numbers colored in blue define how much more stronger your character is compared to anothers', it is also an indicator of how long you have left until you get to the next category of strength. If your RPC is 2 or 3 points under another character, you still have a chance to fight them in terms of strength, but if their strength is 4 to 5 points and plus above yours, they will always over-power you unless you find some way to match their strength or surpass it. This example should be followed with other physical categories.

Other: As you read below, you'll notice tiers beside the descriptions, these tiers are indicators of how you can describe your feats by using the tier guide set in place.

Average - Your strength is far from impressive, reminiscent of your, typical, genin strength.Tier 1 (0 - 20)

Advanced - Your might is strong enough to knock over entire trees and blast holes into concrete walls. You can wield weapons that weigh 50kg to 80kg, effortlessly. You can stop weaker shinobi in their tracks without flinching from their strength or speed. tier 2  (20 - 100)

Powerful - Your strength is fearsome enough to end another shinobi's life in one or two punches, but even if you don't end them, they will significantly be injured from your great power. Tier 2 (100-300)

Behemoth - The amounts of strength your body possesses is unfathomable. A single punch from you could end a fight in a heart beat. This level is literally so rare that you could deface the earth's surface and create shock waves from just punching the air. You can launch someone 30+ meters high into the sky, or dig them into an early grave. Tier 2 (300-500)

Monstrous - You are able to lift 3,000kg to 16,000kg. You could probably lift Gamabunta's katana if you tried! You've entered a level of strength where you can surprise just about anyone! nearly Tier 3. (500-1,000)

➥ Speed is something every shinobi needs to SOME degree.

Average - Your speed is plain compared to the rest of the shinobi world. You aren't a slug, but you're certainly far from being a demon. Tier 1 (20)

Advanced - Your speed is some what impressive, unfocused eyes have some trouble keeping up with you. You've must've been training very hard to develop this type of speed. If you go any further you may move at a type of body flickering speed. Tier 2 (20 - 100)

Powerful - Most shinobi can't even get this far, this type of speed is unique in the ninja world. You are like might guy, or lee without their weights in terms of raw speed; add that to your body flickering speed and you'll be a demon if you keep up the good work. Even if a dojutsu can see you properly, they most likely will not be able to keep up if they haven't trained their body enough. Tier 2(100-300)

Behemoth - Your acceleration is terrifying, when people fight you they feel like they're fighting a ghost, or the wind its self. You're barely traceable at this point; I doubt anyone or anything could keep up with you at this rate! Speed Demon! tier 2, but SLIGHTLY hitting 3 (300-500)

Monstrous - Your speed is enough to take down an army of 10,000+ with speed alone. Even though you aren't faster than lightning armor enhancement, or other transformations, people think you've might've underwent a transformation mid battle. You could be mistaken for taking enhancement pills as well. Only a few can rival your speed at this point. Tier 2, but slightly 3 (500-1,000)

► Durability

➥ Durability will determine whether you live or die in battle. It'll save your life, especially if your life force isn't all that powerful.

Some of these descriptions are subject to change with the durability tiers are released to show players what feats they can obtain while fighting.

Average - You are pretty much human in terms of durability. If you aren't careful you'll bleed out and fall to high out puts of damage. A number of kunai are enough to slow you down, anything else hitting you, such as a  demon shuriken will most likely kill you, or keep you from moving for the rest of the fight. (20)

Advanced - Your almost like a brick wall, you can take a few more hits than before. A little cool how you can get back up, but if you receive too much damage, you won't be fighting for long at all. Skilled fighters, as well as high to mid tier, and even low tier attacks will drop you in minutes if you aren't attentive to the situation. If you keep building up your durability, you could survive multiple stab wounds and keep fighting.  (20 - 100)

Powerful - Your bodies ability to withstand injury is amazing, you could be blown back incredible distances and still get back up! You could fight for 2 whole days if you wanted. Point blank attacks aren't enough to kill you either, but they will hurt like hell. (100-300)

Behemoth - By now people are wondering what the hell you are, you could be hit with any type of meteor and be caught and a multitude of explosions and still survive. It's also safe to say that your average sharp weapons will not hurt you unless they are under some type of chakra or elemental influence.  (300-500)

Monstrous - At this point, what is going to hurt you? You can be blasted with high to mid tier attacks and STILL survive. Take too many and you'll succumb to the damage. If you wanted, you could take down an army of 15,000 shinobi and more. Some opponents might consider you the ultimate shield at this point.  (500-1,000)

►Hand Signs

➥ The quicker and more efficient you are, the better.

Beginner - Still new to the idea of creating hand signs, or you may just started practicing now. Your speed at casting hand signs are fairly moderate and not that impressive. Most likely your opponent is going to read you like a book. You'll need to perform every hand sign to summon your jutsu. Be sure to keep training, you'll get familiar and a little faster. (20)

Intermediate - Looks like you've gotten used to executing hand signs. You don't pause or slow down as much as when you use too. Your speed at forming hand signs has increased. You still need both your hands! (20 - 100)

Experienced - Your confidence keeps growing, your knowledge is vast and it shows with how blinding your hands! Your studying and level of memory is extremely impressive at this point. You can perform most D-rank jutsu with one or 2 hand signs. But higher tier jutsu still require full hand signs. (100-300)

Professional - Some what of a professor now. To be honest, you came a long way, You're able to cut down the majority of your hand signs and replace them with different ones to reach your goal more quickly. This mainly works with B to E rank jutsu. (300-500)

Master - Your study of hand signs is so advanced you can cast them effortlessly. Your opponents find you to be a monster, while others think you are god. It only takes you 1 to 3 signs to perform most of your jutsu, even the S rank classifications. You no longer waste time executing your long hand signs. (500-1,000)


➥ The better your seeing, hearing, and other basic senses are, you will be a far more efficient ninja to your village.

Beginner - You aren't that capable of detecting the slightest of things about your opponent and the terrain, let alone where certain long range attacks and opponents are coming from. You are more susceptible to being caught within genjutsu. Your lack of awareness clearly shows since you are unable to understand an opponent's tech/strategy to the finest of details. Since you are still green you probably haven't even checked for the most subtle of traps laid out by the enemy, but if you train enough and gain experience, you may be able to look for the clues and notice at least 2-3 traps. At the most, you are capable of detecting something within 4 meters, even if your half way asleep (4.5 to 4.9 meters with further training).  (20)

Intermediate - You are able to accurately respond to opponents or items within 7 meters of you (7.1-7.5 meters if you continue training, levels of further 30 points to 50) . Your abilities have reached a ceiling point, and will grow if you continue training. Your character can tell which angle an attack is projected from with clear judgement. You can detect the lightest foot steps within 10 meters, however extremely fast opponents may exceed your perceptive capabilities. In any case, your perceptive skills are becoming  impressive in the ninja world because you can discern between distinct sounds based on experience; this ranges from nature types, weapon types, and objects flying through the air. If your reasoning is good enough, you can tell whether if something is fake or the real thing (like basic shadow clone). You also have the experience to take in your terrain and be aware of blatant inconsistencies. Your vision is sharper, if an opponent launched 3 to 10 tools your way, you could respond accordingly if you wanted. Don't get cocky though, a multitude of opponents and attacks could throw your focus off easily if you aren't aware and calm. (20 - 100)

Experienced - You're experienced enough to deal with more than one attack, along with multiple enemies of 10 or more with complete finesse by seeing them from your peripheral vision. You notice the fine line between different shapes and the intricacies of how your opponent moves and fights to a level you could never imagine before. You take a little less time to see how specific jutsu work, but unless you are actually knowledgeable of the said technique, C-S rank jutsu will be difficult to comprehend. A shinobi at this stage can also feel the slightest vibrations through the air and ground as long as it is within 8 to 8.6 meters. You're more than capable of finding a way to responding to SOME things at near point-blank range. You can detect the slightest of noises within a 16 foot range and spot enemies hiding in the background due to your massive experience. One could say you've developed a type of instinct to feel when something is going wrong. Many shinobi can be satisfied with this level of perception and can compete with nearly anything thrown their way.(100-300)

Professional - Most shinobi cannot make it this far, someone of this level is truly rare. You can detect the slightest of changes in the wind, though you are still subjected to hearing whispers and other low audible sounds from 16 feet away. You can unreasonably detect well laid out traps through out the terrain due to your experience and trained effort. Your stimuli has been conditioned to the point that seemingly nothing is going to get past you. You've become skilled enough to hear within extremely noisy areas and still focus on 2 or 3 sounds at a time. You can function properly without one of your senses. Even though you're still stuck at 8 to 8.6 meters of perception, your awareness for detail has shot up.(300-500)

Master - A master of senses, it will take a lot for some normal genjutsu to work on you due to how powerful your senses are now. Your spatial awareness is something extremely considerable, it doesn't matter if an entire army is before you either, you have enough focus to beat them all. You have literally earned the ability to simply touch, or place a single finger on the ground to detect 20+ enemies within 5 meters. Since your senses have become monstrous, shinobi mistake you for a sensory type ninja. Your past ranges remain the same, but you've picked up new sharper skills for detecting the enemy.(500-1,000)

► Life Force

➥ In the world of Naruto, characters are born with different life forces, it is also something they cannot control since it is based upon genetics. Life Forces determine how slowly you age, and defines what would actually kill you from accumulated damage. Life forces will be diced roll for, they are a genetic thing after all.

Basic - Your life force is feeble, in other words, weak. If you aren't careful, even some of the most basic of jutsu can harm you. A cut or stab will most likely kill you, in fact, you're barely hanging on right now. Poisons will eat away at your health fast if you don't get treatment. 
Average - You have a decent level of life force, that of a true shinobi, you can be stabbed and have a limb chopped off and survive, but that does not mean the pain won't get to you. You're capable of withstanding certain poisons, but you may be rendered unable to walk after a while.
Powerful - A superabundant life force, it's highly above average in the shinobi world.You can be hit by some of the nastiest jutsu, and lose excessive amounts of blood by taking crucial damage. Multiple stab wounds aren't enough to end your life. It can be said that you are closest to the Senju and Uzumaki, meaning you could have a bijuu pulled from you and still survive, but barely, you would need to be rushed to a hospital because it is likely you'll die. Poisons effect you, but you are still able to hold on and fight even though your speed will be compromised.
Titanic - You posses inhuman amounts of life force, the peak in what normal humans cannot achieve through training. You can survive devastating attacks and jutsu. Your life force is strong enough to heal minor wounds at a sluggish speed, while more serious ones won't heal. You'll live a pretty long life. (Senju, Uzumaki)
Immense - Your life force is extremely. Bewildering amounts of damage is not enough to rob you of your life; your life force is so amazing to the point that a tailed beast can be ripped out of you and you will still survive, but you will be EXTREMELY weak after. You can share your chakra, but only at the cost of your own. Your life force is strong enough to heal smaller wounds at a moderate speed, larger ones will heal slower. 

Legendary - The rarity of this life force is 500x above that of immense, someone of a legendary life force can regenerate from serious wounds inflicted by the likes of chidori, Susano'o blades and much more. Physical assaults caused by tailed beast won't matter as much either because you will still actively heal from any received wounds. When you are cut or stabbed  by sharp objects, you will quickly heal.The healing factors of legendary are above Naruto's healing and Tsunade's strength of a 100 seals technique and its variants. Having limbs chopped off won't allow you to regenerate. Shinobi with this life force are truly one in a million to come by. 

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6Mainstream Systems Empty Re: Mainstream Systems on Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:05 pm

Mainstream Systems Shadowclone
Shadow Clone jutsu is classified as a B-Rank technique (but may vary) and will take the required chakra as such. If you wish to pour additional chakra into your clone in order to pull off stronger jutsu, you can. It is strongly recommended for you not do this because the risk can prove to be detrimental if you fail in whatever you are doing if you take note of the site's existing chakra pools. This jutsu will not fall under the prolonged jutsu system due to how critical it is. 

Once the clone has been established it can do a number of things for the user, for example, if the clone wishes to create jutsu of any kind it will take away their source of chakra. If a clone uses all of its chakra, it will disperse. If a clone is destroyed and still has chakra, whatever was left in the clone will be sent back to its user. If the user cancels the jutsu, the remaining chakra will return.

Normally performing this technique will drain 70% of your chakra, 70% of that chakra is going to your clone. As stated before, your clone will be able to perform a few jutsu. A clone can be effective with 70% or 35% of chakra (with control), but if you want to use more potent jutsu, extra chakra will need to be distributed. Using jutsu on our site is a pretty big deal. I am being lenient with the current system in place considering the actual Kage Bunshin no jutsu will take half of your chakra, or a third of it.

Dojutsu users will always have a difficult time trying to find a the original in a unit of shadow clones, but if the shadow clone user fails to distribute their chakra evenly between their clones, certain things will naturally be made obvious to them. 

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7Mainstream Systems Empty Mini Guides and Systems on Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:26 pm

There will be a list of percentages at some point in everyone's bio, these percentages reflect your overall mastery of techniques. You cannot randomly set these number values in your character biography. The only way mastery can be increased is by actually learning, buying, and submitting jutsu. So for instance, if your mastery for taijutsu is 0%, but you've just learned 5 new jutsu, that mastery has increased to 5%. That example should reflect all of your masteries; in other words, the amount of jutsu you have in specific fields should always align perfectly with your mastery.

Walking on water to trees and walls will cost a player 1 chakra point. This can be lessened to 0.5 with chakra control training.

Something essential but also natural among shinobi. When you are in a thread you'll be able to regain chakra by resting, if you're under attack while you are resting, your chakra will not regenerate. When you are resting you will regain 5 chakra points per post.

If someone tries to absorb another individual's chakra without considering their current chakra pool limit, they will either die, or become severely wounded due to exceeding their limit of chakra. If you have a weapon that absorbs chakra and you go past that weapon's limit, the weapon will either break or explode on you. Scrolls will become inflamed with chakra and then corrupted, making it so that the owner cannot use it.

Medical ninja will go through another guideline that is different from the intensive care. To rank your ability at healing, you have to study medical information, you also have to practice your medical ninjutsu. Role-players will have to create some of their own healing arts which have to be submitted to the medical submission topic in customs. If medical ninja want to use canon skills, they have to upload it themselves for review in the ninja market.

Characters will be able to learn Tsunade's Strength of 100 Seals technique, as well as her other unique jutsu. Only 2 people will be able to learn the skill EVERY TWO months. The training will consist of challenging tasks, but to even qualify, a medical ninja has to be of experienced chunin rank, have chakra control for A rank mastered, and they must know how to use mystical palm. Currently their is no way to process members into these medical ninja trials for Tsunade's techniques.

►Body Flicker
Understand that this skill does not let you TELEPORT. It isn't some space time technique, yes, you will be able to move at incredible speeds, but you need to actually role-play out that movement instead of saying you appeared behind someone. If this technique is being performed on you, don't be god almighty and act like you can keep up without a decent explanation without a track record that shows us how awesome your rpc is.

Tiers VS Stats Guide
Tiers are specifically designed for jutsu and your character's physicality when it comes to being creative, while stats pertain to a type of physical boost. The tier system is an outline for how you can describe your speed, strength, or durability,  giving the role-player a kick in their imagination. As stated, the tiers are set in place for most jutsu, mainly with ninjutsu in mind. You can describe the speeds of your techniques how you wish, but it is always recommended to follow the tier system for its accurate benchmarks. Tiers do not influence your stats in anyway, the only thing that will effect your stats are transformations/enhancements which will usually set your attributes in a higher category of ability.

Custom Stat boost for transformations/enhancements

D-Rank: +5 Strength, +5 Speed, +5 Durability

C-Rank: +10 Strength, +10 Speed, +10 Durability

B-Rank: +15 Strength, +15 Speed, +15 Durability

A-Rank: +20 Strength, +20 Speed, +20 Durability

S-Rank: +30 Strength, +30 Speed, +30 Durability

Drugs/medicines for stat buffs
If you ever decide to submit an item that can boost your physical attributes, these items can only bring your physical abilities up to +20 or lower, and will revolve around a post count down until it is no longer effective. These 'food pills' or enhancement candies can only focus on one of your physical categories. You cannot constantly stack your power by abusing these pills, if you take more than two pills for a single category, it will not increase your ability, it will only prolong the effects of its purpose. Taking these pills over the limit WILL kill you, or leave you out of commission for 2+ days, real time. Besides stat enhancing pills, other pills that affect your character's wellness can be created. 10 drugs/medicines can be taken for a single battle. 

+5 - 5 Post Count Down (Can be taken 5 times in a battle.)

+10 - 7 Post Count Down (Can be taken 4 times in a battle.)

+15 - 8 Post Count Down (Can be taken 3 times.)

+17 - 8 Post Count Down (Can only be taken 2 times in battle.)

+20 - 10 Post Count Down (Can only be taken 2 times in battle.)

Side Note: If you took a +5 Enhancement for strength, and then took a +15 enhancement for strength, these will not stack. You can only use ONE pill for a specific category at a time. It is recommended that you stick to one enhancement type for the entire battle.

Drugs For Chakra
Chakra candies can restore your chakra reserves, and temporarily increase it for a number of posts. +10 to +40 can restore chakra. If you want to buff your reserves, it can be increased by +50 for 10 posts.

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