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Global Rules

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1 Global Rules on Sun Jul 17, 2016 3:37 pm




By registering for NWS you automatically agree to our terms of service, breaking the stipulations set in place will result in warning, infraction, or worse, being banned. For example, posting something like porn will get your IP blocked, you have the chance to appeal if you feel you're being wrongly accused. You can do so by via messaging the account Kamui on forumotions support forum.

Many days, and months have gone into creating this forum. Respect the work that has been done by myself and a few others.

  • You are only allowed to have ONE account.
  • Do not post anything bigoted.
  • Refrain from being sexist, and prejudice towards other members. It does not matter if it is in friendly chatter, it won't be tolerated.
  • Any type of advertisement, or spam is not welcomed on NWS. If you are interested in working with us PM 'Shinobi'
  • Rule Sasaki - Refrain from combining japanese names with american names, for example 'James Uchiha'. Please don't do this, names such as that are annoying to look at.
  • Your site name doesn't have to match your RPC name, however, you can do what you want with them.
  • Tobi's space is for other types of RP, and general things, you can basically make what you want there. For example, you can set up sign up threads, a thread to find friends, ect.
  • You have 3-4 DAYS to post before you're skipped.
  • If you're going to be off the role-play for a couple days, have common courtesy to let the people you're role-playing with know, it is only good manners.
  • Leave your ego at the door and stick to your character's personality traits when you enter combat situations, there have been to many people that throw their character's personality in the trash to survive a battle. If you're RPC is a hot head, he may be lacking in thinking things carefully through; everything is not about winning, or losing, it's about the plot in which you drive story elements. 
  • Fighting is a part of RP. Sometimes passion can run high. Handle winning and losing gracefully. 
  • These are the OOC behaviors that will not be tolerated. No one is to belittle another’s role playing ability. Everyone one started out as a beginner, and everyone has had help along the way. I expect the members of this community to be willing to help those less experienced grow and mature rather than making them feel self-conscious and embarrassed. 
  • Take your drama elsewhere. If you consistently cause trouble you will be removed. 
  • Treat the mods with respect and understand that they have lives outside of role play. Do not nag them for taking more time than you would like to resolve an issue. Do not get angry if they do not side in your favor. Under no circumstances are you to treat them like they are your servants at your beck and call to deal with your demands. They are volunteering their time and effort to help make the role play run effectively and efficiently. Do not insult their hard work. 
  • Treat others with respect and act professionally, especially when handling differences of opinions. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean they are insulting you. 
  • Do not take actions in the RP that will cause MAJOR changes to the world, and life styles of other rpc's without consulting with me, Mercy, or Itachi first. 

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