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Weapon System

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Weapon System Kisame
Role players are permitted to create five custom weapons. Weapons will have different grades in terms of strength, durability, and how well they can stand up to different elements of battle. Custom weapons automatically come with two open slots for gems that can be attributed to your character. These gems act as enhancements which can be applied to your strength, speed, chakra, or they can do other things, such as drain chakra from an opponent. There is a variety of weapons that come with 3 slots or more, 5 being the max. Custom weapons can be upgraded to Diamond Grade/Rank, but there are only three methods in which that can happen; the first is shop purchase, the second is an event, and the third is missions. It is more feasible to purchase weapon slots if you can afford it because earning them through missions and events is rare. Armors, accessories, and tools will have slots for gems, however only one gem can be added.  

Weapon Grades
Copper - 1 Gem Slot
Silver - 2 Gem Slots
Gold - 3 Gem Slots
Platinum - 4 Gem Slots
Diamond - 5 Gem Slots

—In Game Items cannot be upgraded unless they are copper grade.
—Copper Grade can only be upgraded to silver rank.
—Once you apply a gem, it cannot be removed. 
—You will have to sell a custom weapon to free up space for newer customs.

✘Weapon Mechanics✘

Weapon Mechanics are mechanized modifications that can be added to your weapons so that you can perform different actions throughout battle. Modifications can be purchased from the ninja shop. Whenever you want to add a new modification to your weapon, or update it, it should be re-uploaded to the weapon submission thread for approval. 

Modification Price Ranges
Modification 1 - 200,000 Ryo 
Modification 2- 300,000 Ryo
Modification 3- 400,000 Ryo
Modification 4- 500,000 Ryo
Modification 5- 600,000 Ryo
Modification 6- 700,000 Ryo (Unlocked at Chunin rank)
Modification 7- 750,000 Ryo (Unlocked at Chunin rank)
Modification 8- 790,000 Ryo (Unlocked at Special Jonin)
Modification 9- 800,000 Ryo (Unlocked at Jonin Rank)
Modification 10- 850,000 Ryo (Unlocked at Jonin Rank)

✘Spiritual Modifications✘

Spiritual Modification tickets or SM tickets give roleplayers the option of adding something unique to a single weapon they posses. These weapons are given a special ability that can range from invisibility, space-time, to soul reaping skills. Spiritually modified weapons are classified as S-rank and will be superior to most weapons in terms of power. Depending on the modifications and acquired gems, these S-rank weapons can be challenged or over-powered depending on the role-player. Spiritual Modifications will take chakra from the user when the weapon's skill is put to use, more control over the weapon will come from training which will take 5 posts to master. Lastly, every weapon will not need to use chakra because some weapons are passive in nature and should act as such unless the user decides other wise.

SideNote: SM tickets can be applied to accessories, tools, and armors as well.
SideNote: Spiritual weapons should not be made to increase physical statistics. 

Chakra Cost For Weapons + Control
S-RANK: 10 CP (-5 per post) ➞ S-RANK: 5 CP (-2 per post)

—Stopping Time
—Unbreakable/Unstoppable anything.
—No Chakra Absorbing 
—Anti Matter
—Black holes.
—Gravity manipulation. (A weapon's gravity can be increased/decreased, but not outside of that.)
—Complete invulnerability to everything.
—Cosmic powers.
—Looking into the future.
—Omnipotence/Omniscience or anything of the sort.
—Weather control.
—Blood tech used on your opponent. Controlling YOUR OWN blood is fine.
—Complete perfect Regeneration/Instant healing.

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